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Nearly 2 weeks post lap!

Hi everyone,

Was hoping for some help/advice. I'm nearly 2 weeks post excision and recovery started off ok then I ended up with an infection that was so painful. I've felt bloated since the op but now I've lost my appetite completely. Anyone else had this on plenty of medication? Since the op I've had a concoction of morphine, tramadol and naproxen plus strong antibiotics. My stomach has made me feel ill and so achy, plus I can't stop weeing


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After my lap I ended up with an infection aswell and with all the meds i couldnt even keep food down my stomach was in bits. I had to take anti sickness three times a day, i ended up in hospital on one ocassion because i couldnt even or drink for days ( thats when i got the anti sickness tablets ).

The frequent urination could be your bladder irritated from all the prodding or a side effect of the meds, i had a burning sensation and blood for weeks after surgery.


Thank you for replying. That's how my stomach feels in bits, it's so uncomfortable and I just have zero appetite. Unluckily my gp surgery isn't open today and I have to wait until Monday, a pharmacist reckons I need something to protect the stomach from all the medication


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