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10 weeks post-lap NO RESULTS!

I am literally fuming.

It's been 10 weeks tomorrow since I had my diagnosis laprascopy, to find out if I have Endometriosis, at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and STILL no results. I don't even know what they did during the op!

I called again today and found out I'm on some waiting list to see a Mr Morris.

Seriously though, you'd think I'd have the results by now. I was told 6-8 weeks.

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

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Hi Wendy, I cant believe you still haven't got any results. Have you phoned Mr Morris's secretary and asked for results or at the very least when you will see him, usually they arrange a follow up apt for 3 months time (this is what mine is anyway as my op was 4th Jan and im going back 7th April) I have her direct number if you need it. I would certainly start getting angry with them as its not fair on you not knowing whats going on x


See they actually told you an appointment date. I don't even have that. It's almost like they just forgot about me.


Also I had a female surgeon do my lap, can't remember her name.


The only reason I got a date was because I did a drugs trial before with Dr Paul Simpson and when I hadn't heard anything I emailed him and got the appt arranged. I saw a female registrar of Mr Morris's before but im afraid I don't know her name either

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Does your hospital have a PALS team? Unrelated but I lost my physio appointment and couldn't for the life of me remember their contact number so I emailed PALs and kept nicely prodding (it was nice politeness but in an irritating "every day" sort of way ;) )

Also I had to request my lap to get bumped forward in 2008 or 2009 as I experienced a leap in pain and couldn't bear it. PALs where brilliant and managed to get it brought forward.

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