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Feeling emotional 2 weeks post lap


Anyone else feel kinda down and feel like crying over anything after their surgery.

Last few days everything seems to be annoying me or I just feel like crying for no reason.

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It’s totally normal, you’ve had surgery so you’re bound to feel emotional as you’re healing especially if you’re in pain

Hope the healing process gets better :)

princessk09 in reply to D3107

I’m not in pain or anything but last night I started crying because my bellybutton still looks weird from being stitched up and my doctor said it can take 6 months 😫 xxx

D3107 in reply to princessk09

I’m on week three on Wednesday and I cried looking at my scars because I’m going on holiday at the end of September. It’s a tough time so don’t beat yourself up about feeling rubbish 😊 xx

Hi. I felt like this on day 3 post-op. I was watching TV, then I got really frustrated and emotional. It's like PMT emotions where you get irritated at nothing. I've read that is totally normal to go through this post-op because you've been put through a lot, both mentally and physically.

Take it easy, and maybe do something that you enjoy. Treat yourself 😊 I hope you feel better soon x

princessk09 in reply to Jess96

Yeah I guess that’s true, I’m treating myself to new acrylics nails tomorrow haha xx

Jess96 in reply to princessk09

Oooh nice! 💅 😄

I’m two weeks post op. Experiencing lots of pain and very emotional, tearful and down too.. big hugs x

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princessk09 in reply to Hidden

Yeah, I’m trying to get back into my normal routine now but certain things make me exhausted which is adding to the feelings of being down and upset. It’s only been 2 weeks since my lap but feels like it was forever ago haha.

Yeah I can’t start any hormone treatment until my follow up in 9 weeks which worries me as it’s a while away xx

I'm sorry that's happening to you lovely. The first week after mine I sobbed nearly every day. I went back to work yesterday and got so angry and stressed and felt worn out after only 4 hours.

Look after yourself, try and relax and let your body heal. Even though you can't see it, your body has been through a lot x x x

princessk09 in reply to Bobz1987

Thank you, I’m getting my nails done today so that may make me feel a bit better xx

Bobz1987 in reply to princessk09

Yes! I need mine doing too. Self care is the best way to start feeling a bit more human again x x

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