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2 weeks post lap, tummy still very swollen

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Hi everyone. Just wanting check in with others for reassurance re post lap recovery again.

I’m 2 weeks post lap today and my tummy is still very swollen. The left side hurts more than the right. I had endo removed from everywhere and my bowel, I was under for nearly 3 hours, surgeon said it was “a mess” so I know I’ve had a lot of work done in there. 4 incisions healing nicely. It hurts when I try to bend, so I need to avoid it I know. Managed to go out today for a walk around, still relying on cocodamol and heat pad too. Managed to be out for 3 hours, with a break for a brew and cake and painkillers. Back home with heat pad resting now.

Wondering if this all sounds normal anyway?

Thanks for reading guys.

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Hi. I think it sounds like your doing well to me. My stomach is still swollen although I do feel like it is slowly going down. I only had 2 incisions and it still hurts when I bend. If I am on my feet for too long I am in pain. It will be 3 weeks for me since my laparoscopy this Friday. I still haven't driven and am still struggling to sleep as cant get comfortable. Are you back at work yet? Take care x

Hiya, not not back at work yet, can’t see how I can either as I can’t sit forward for longer than about 2 mins without the pain kicking in 😩 are you back work? I also can’t sleep very well, I still can’t sleep on my side at all. Glad you think it sounds normal though I was just worrying a little. Xx

Hi. I am the same. If I try to lie on my side I get weird pulling pains in my stomach. My sick note ran out on 8th so i spoke to my gp who basically said no way could I go back to work. My gp signed me off for another 2 weeks and I have a week after that due to how my shifts fall anyway. Gp actually wanted to sign me off a month. Due to the fact i have quite a physical job my gp said dont rush back, she also told me off when I said I had been loading the washing machine! Basically said washing up ok and ironing but no bending to put washing on and no carrying washing. I am glad she signed me off again as have tried to be more motivated and be up and about more but when I am on my feet for a while my stomach really hurts. I cant imagine being on feet all day at work. 😬 x

Hallo! Yes, sounds pretty normal to me. It took 3 weeks for my tummy swelling to go down after each lap (I’ve had 3 so far), and I went back to work part time for another 3 weeks. Each person is different, do what you can and don’t push yourself, particularly after such major surgery.

Hey thanks for replying. Did you got back to work after 3 weeks? I can’t see at the moment how I’d go back work as I can’t even sit forward for longer than 2 mins. If that. I can’t sleep on my side yet either. Glad you think it’s normal though thank you for the reassurance. Did you find even after 3 weeks you still had pain after walking to doing too much then? Were you still relying on painkillers? Xx

Yes, I went back 3 weeks after my op, but negotiated part time hours for a further 3 weeks as I was still sore and couldn’t sit at my desk for a whole day.

In my experience, I couldn’t really move much for around those 3 weeks after the op. You’ve done pretty well going for a walk! But obviously your body is telling you you’re not quite ready if you’re in pain, so just build that up slowly.

And yes, I was on codeine/paracetamol for 2 weeks, then paracetamol/ibrupofen for the rest of the time. So nothing too strong and I didn’t push myself! Xx

Hi! I’m two weeks post lap surgery. Sounds like you had a lot more endo than I did and I’m still sore so can’t imagine your pain! It al sounds so normal, a lot has happened internal not to mention the bloat stretching your stitches etc. Keep drinking peppermint tea to help the bloat and do small and often walks to get the gas moving. Don’t over do it! I made that mistake and made myself ill again. As for work, don’t rush until you’re ready, you’ve had an op and need to put your health first. I can’t sit on a chair for long, feels like all my pressure is going to my abdomen so have to lie down after about 10 mins. Good luck wishing you a speedy recovery x

Hiya, sounds normal to me. Think it’s pretty impressive to be able to be out and about just two weeks after major laparoscopic work! I think doctors tend to play down recovery times when they talk to us, I guess because there’s a natural tendency to be optimistic and perhaps they want us to feel positive too. But it can backfire when things take longer! My first lap, my surgeon told me about a patient who ran a 5k a couple of weeks after her laparoscopy! Meanwhile I was off work for six weeks after my first lap and I think about eight weeks after my second surgery (which was a laparoscopic hysterectomy) 😂The important thing I would say is to listen to your body and show your body the respect and love it deserves. You’ve already been through enough. It takes the time it takes, so take as much time off work as you need and can.

Wishing you all the very best hun x

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