2 weeks post lap and coil insertion...

Its now 2 weeks since the day of my op, and 5 days since i was sent home from hospital after been readmitted and treated for PID. I finally stopped all 3 antibiotics thursday and stopped the vomiting thursday afternoon which meant i also managed to eat.....yayyyy!!! Im getting some pain still from op and discomfort from coil but way better than i was!! My doc wants me to take another week off to ensure full recovery. I actually put a bit of make up on today and felt so much better than looking like death but a colleague dropped by with some flowers and told me " you look really well!" At first i felt fab about it but now im questioning if she thinks i shud be at work sooner?!im prob just over tired but i feel bad for making myself look nice!! Its back to the whole side of endo where you look fine.....on the outside!!! Hmmmmmm

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  • Im a week and 2days post lapo and coil fitted... Had same thing...work people popped over and said i looked well... But i feel rough... I also put makeup on and wished i hadnt! But im not ready for work yet... What type of discomfort do you have with coil?my top thigh aches from lower abdomen down to thigh and also my back lower part too and feel iv a heavy period pain feeling. Im still bleeding and hope it will soon stop... Has yours?

  • Hi :-) glad im not alone!!! You have just described my pains exactly lol my thigh feels numb sometimes and i keep running to loo convinced that im bleeding due to the low down deep period type pain!!!! But i had 6 days of spotting/pink discharge which i think was mix of op and coil and no blood etc since!! Wasnt sure if i was getting pain worse as i had c-section deliveries and its meant to be "easier" on those that have had natural births?! Either way its very frustrating and im very aware "its in there!" Lol x x

  • Im 9days in and still bleeding feeling like its never going to end. I had natural birth with my son but was 13years ago! I actually feel alone like no1 understands me! Im soo aware of the coil and cant work out if what i feel is it or if its just me over thinking.

  • Im the same hun so please dont feel its just you!!! I keep telling myself its got to be better than the endo!!! Have you tried speaking to a nurse? I had my strings checked after 6 days as was in so much pain and felt awful!!! The strings were in place but i had infection!! So hard to tell whats op pain or coil pain!!! I think because its something thats not "supposed" to be there you think about it a lot more!!! X x

  • I was told to wait 5weeks before having them checked.. will they check if im bleeding? Also i think one of my incisions is infected so will be going docs tmrw. Im glad some1 understands me! Thank you for replying x

  • I was told 6 week but amount of pain i was in they checked to be sure. If youre concerned just ask them if they could check to reassure you..im pretty sure bleeding not a problem when checking. Just be honest and tell them how you feel etc my insicions ok on outside touch wood lol Good luck with Docs!!!! X x

  • Thank you for the support def going to see doc x

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