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Agonising period pains despite non-stop birth control

Hi, I haven't introduced myself properly yet, so apologies for this post! I've had endometriosis for 22 years, 2 births, 2 laparoscopies. I'm currently on cerazette so that I don't have a period. Generally this has been working and yes I probably get a few pains relating to endo but I haven't been have periods for at least 3-4 years now.

My endocrinologist put me on estrogen (1mg) last Jan as my levels were extremely low (probably due to hypothalmic suppression). At my review this Jan the dosage was upped to 2mg per day. It may be a coincidence but i have had 3 bleeds since!

Today I have been unable to make it into work due to excrutiating period like cramps - shooting right up into my shoulder blades and right down both legs. There is no period as such but it is dark pink when i wipe.

I think it is most unusual to be put on estrogen when you have endo so I'm just wondering if anyone else here has been in a similar situation?

I have endometriosis, hashimotos and hyperparathyroidism.

thanks in advance,

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I know when I eat high estrogen food specifically soy my pain goes crazy and I get a period.

My progesterone only pill also stopped working in December and I had to take 1 1/2 as to only 1 and I'm now on to 2 and that's without eating estrogen foods.

Eat mushrooms they contain a thing that stops estrogen from acting a weird way.

And soak your feet in evening primrose oil and rose geranium essential oil or the rub the diluted oils into the hormonal spot of your ankle.

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thank you! I've never heard of the feet soaking! i'll check out where the hormonal spot is! I ended up ringing my doctor and she has arranged 30mg codeine prescription for my hubby to pick up and she recommended I contact my endocrinologist. I've had a reply and he's recommended i drop my estrogen to 1.5mg and taken up my cerazette to one and half (not looking forward to trying to cut those tiny little blighters in half!). We shall see!


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