Heartburn? Period pains no period? Discharge? Extreme tiredness?

Hi ladies I'm an endo sufferer I was due on my period last week and still nothing. Today I feel so unwell very bad heartburn / chest pain just above my left breast and cramping my tummy is bloated and has been all week I'm really tired and just don't feel myself. Has anyone else felt this wAy or exsperienced the same thanks xxx

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  • Yeah, I had it for about three weeks before I came on and now I've been on for two weeks, I dont know what its a sign of, if anything, but I just took Gaviscon alot and did the usual grin and bear it. I hated it and for extremely fed up but best advice is, if you dont work then stay in bed and rest, only get up for food and toilet and sleep if you need to. I hope you feel better soon.

    Leya :) xxx

  • Thanks for ur advice. Glad I'm

    Not the only one. I think I'm going mad! I do work hun full time and my job is pretty demanding :/ so can't reli have time off . I just feel constantly tired and bloated. Thanks for ur advice xxx

  • My advice would be to double check with an ultrasound that you don't have gallstones.

  • Also it maybe worth asking you GP to run the ca125 test just in case your symptoms are looking like cancerous changes on your ovaries....

  • Have you taken a pregnancy test?

  • You may be pregnant and the pain maybe ongoing because of your endo. Speak to your doctor.as.soon as you can to stop worrying. I am sure there probably isn't something majorly wrong. However, with this condition we need to be as stress free as we can be.

  • Thanks for ur reply. My test was negative but been to see nurse and they have sent me for blood tests now. I'm just extremly tired and had period pains all day today. This morning I had pink discharge but nothing for the rest of the day. I'm not cycle day 39. I just really don't feel well with pain in womb area. Xx

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