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Anyone get bloated and pains AFTER period?

Little back story - endo diagnosed at 21 after years of pain, 2 ops nothing helped. I am now 23 and I had the mirena coil fitted at the end of March which has changed my LIFE. It has been incredible for me. I do not get daily pain anymore and I have started running on a very regular basis which I never could do due to pain. I have never felt better in myself!

BUT.... I have noticed that after my period has ended I wake up so bloated with slight endo pains throughout the day. They aren't excruciating just annoying if you know what I mean? Surely it would make more sense if I got the constant bloating and pains while I was actually on my period but for some reason I get it literally a couple days after it has ended.

I was just wondering whether anybody else gets this?

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Hi Megvarn

This is good to hear. That you have found something that works for you.

From previous reading on the forum i have seen some people who have the same slight pain. So could be normal.

If it is troubling you it might be a good idea to meet the doctor.


Hi, I have been searching this board for months trying to find someone with this symptom. I have the same issue of getting very low pelvic pain after period has ended. My pain started in August 2013 and it progresely got worse month by month... I am really sorry to tell you this and I hope you 'll not experience the same. Now the pain is really extremely bad for about foyr to five days and I get light bleeding in this time as well, together with bloating. I had laporosccopy, histeroscopy and MRI and doctors believe I have adenomyosis... But no relief treatment for the pain but ibuprofen... Which I have been taking so much I have a stomach ulcer now.

Not sure this is the right diagnosis though... From everything that I read this type of pain is not typical for adenomyosis. I would also appreciate any other stories if anybody else gets this pain and what diagnosis you have...

Thank you :)


This is interesting.. do you ever get a sort of pressure feeling every now and then where it feels like your going to get cystitis? I thought it may have been a slight side effect of the mirena but then realised I also had it before I got it fitted. It is so uncomfortable! God knows what it is.


Yes, I do get the pressure feeling... All these are very unique and specific symptoms, I really didn't find anyone to describe exactly how I feel. My pain usually starts early morning, a lot of times while still in bed, so it has nothing to do with foods or activity. And it always ends on its own, one day before ovulation.. Very strange and frustrating. Please keep in touch and let me know how you feel in the next months.. If you find and relief...

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I haven't had any periods this year due to being on Prostap but prior to that I had the same, in fact my worst pain was in the week before and the week after. I wonder if it depends on where exactly the endo is?


Thanks for all your replies :)


Hi Megvarn, just wanted to check how are you feeling with the pain and bloating after period? was that just a short term symptom after the Mirena? are you feeling better now? I am still struggling with pain and blaoting after period and don't know if I should try the Mirena also.

If you're reading this, please let me kmow how you feel.

Thank you!


Hello, it must have been a short term thing as I am fine now, I think my periods have stopped now as haven't had one this month. I would definitely recommend the mirena, it has changed my life for the better. Good luck :).


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