Period due but on birth control all the time

I've had extreme pain the past few days but I'm on 'Norlutate' (progesterone only) and I was instructed to take it all the time so I don't think I'll get a period. But just about now, my period is due and I've had a lot of pain and bloating. So I'm wondering if thsi is my period but not my period (if that makes any sense).

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It might be you get symptoms without the bleeding a possibility . I found progesterone made me feel unbalanced and had awful side effects I can recommend a pill called qlaira . Do you have endometriosis as such

I'm awaiting laproscopy but I'm told it's the only thing I could have b/c nothing's worked

My gyn says she also won't do 1 till I've tried birth control for 3 months and the symptoms haven't improved or 1 month (where I am now) and the symptoms have gotten worse, which they have. I have an apt with her on the 22nd to ask.

You are the patient but you don't have to do anything !!!

But I want something to work, I'm in so much pain and if this is the only way I can get a lap I'll do it.

I understand but when we are Unwell it's easy to be very vulnerable and lead in a direction that may not be right for us ! I can recommend the Qlaira as a better pill try it paid a specialist to get this information and a happy to pass it on no consultant or endo nurse knew !

B/c of heart disease in the family and migraines I'm only allowed on progesterone now, at least that's what the gyn said and also my neurologist said it would be safest.

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