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Am I overacting or is it just bad period pains?

Hi everyone, I was wandering if anyone els has been told "it's just bad period pains and that I'm fine?" I have been struggling with the pain for sometime now and I've been backwards and forwards to the doctors. My fist GP said "take pain killers it's just my period" members of my family agreed with him because he's a doctor and told me to ignore it and think positive even though I've ended up in hospital with the pain. It's only my boyfriend who said there's something not right with me and I should see a different doctor so I did and she said it sounds like endometriosis and referred me to the gynecologist. I'm now waiting to have a laparoscopy which I'm now getting nervous about. I keep thinking what if they don't find anything. It's not that I want endo but I really would like to know what's causing all my problems and that I'm not just imagining it. Has anyone els felt like this before going to have a laparoscopy or about their symptoms in general?

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Hi Suzi,

You're definitely not alone. I've been struggling with terrible periods and pain since 16/17 I'm 28 now and over the past 5 years the pain has gotten worse and the Drs don't listen. There was only one Dr that informed me about endometriosis and that was at A&E. I cry sometimes cause I get scared people think I'm imagining the pain.

I understand you're scared I would be terrified too. Have you tried certain contraceptive pills to see if they help with the pain? It doesn't help for everyone but it can help.


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You poor thing that's a long time to have to put with! I feel quite lucky it's only been going on for about 2/3 years for me. I have polycystic ovaries as well and have had to try different pills for that. I've found one that helps regulate my periods and without it I bleed constantly but I'm still getting extreme pain with it.

Thank you for you're advice it's helpful knowing I'm not alone.



It's horrible when you have so much and no one gets it. I know. Don't be feareful about ypur lap. I've had 2 and was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease. I live with chronic pelvic pain and dysfunctional bleeding currently on mini pill but my pain has increased and not sure why. I'm seeing my gyne on Monday to discuss. Keep strong x

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Thank you! Good luck for Monday. :) x

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Listen to your body and do what's right for you! I hope they don't find anything and you can put your mind to rest about anything serious and come up with a relatively easy way to manage your pain. And never worry about wasting their time or resources. It's your health, your body & your life.

I went back & forth with my local GP about heavier, clottier, more painful periods. Never once did they offer me a simple, non-invasive ultrasound. They did blood work, told me to take pain meds & lose weight (I'm 2 stone overweight). In the end I had a mirena coil inserted but that was a mistake. I only just got out of the hospital yesterday after a week long cancer scare which turned out to be a massive twisted fibroid. Now I have to have a hysterectomy and not the keyhole or vaginal options, which is going to hurt.

I had a laparoscopy whilst in hospital and it wasn't too bad. You'll be tender and sore for a few days but it's not unbearable. Think positively. Drink lots of water. Move about (gently) as soon as you can and hopefully, you'll be back to yourself quickly after the procedure.

It's not in your head & DO NOT feel bad.

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Thank you and good luck with you hysterectomy! You poor thing! X



Your defo not alone but just to put your mind at rest i have had terrible period pain since i was 13 years old, i was in sick bay every month throwing up and doubled over. Eventually at 17 i went on the pill but still suffered, migraines, pain the same stuff but put up with it all without moaning till a year ago at 42.

Eventually i just got so fed up with it i went to drs and got it sorted.... saw a gynae and had my lap done and nothing, had another lap done privately again NOTHING But they did notice my blood was so thick and i was clotting(lucky i was on period for that one), they wrote to dr and they gave me transexamic acid and i wished id gone to dr years ago as it has halved my period time im on, the amount of blood i lose ( i was HEAVY) and the pain is just one day now instead of 4! I take a few naproxen and cocodamol on first day and jobs done.

I was told some women just have bad periods and when people say “ oh thats just not normal” YEH unfortunately for some people it is!

So with any hope and any luck u wont have endo as it is not something u want and it mayb me helped with something else ... i also use buscopan when im on .. it for ibs( which i do have) but it stop stomach cramps and bloating and i used it first 2 days of period and i almost felt normal


Oh that's interesting I haven't tried naproxen but I have taken cocodamol before but the hospital said I shouldn't because my stomach has been doing odd stuff as well since I've been unwell. I had a sudden intolerance to alcohol and other drinks with high acidity and they told me cocodamol is bad for acid reflux. I'm on mefenamic acid at the moment it used to help a bit but it doesn't do much now so on the look out for sometime new. X


Not tmi i havent had sex since

Last easter!!!

Terrible isnt it.

I since learnt that i have a tight pelvic floor which is resulting in tight hip flexors and psoas muscles which is also resulting in weird intolerances to...

Since it all happened i have ibs related problems which i have found out happens when all them muscles hurts as it related to ur digestive system, there all interlinked in same area. So i have a alcohol intolerance and a gluten and dairy??? Also apples, any acidy.

I actually see a womans health physio who treats me internally and externally and have found over the whole year of all the specialists i seen she has been the one that seems to have helped

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I have also been to see a physiotherapist about my pelvic floor which it was tight so I followed up all on what she said. I was vary excited to think I had got to the bottom of it all and it I was able to sort it out without medication. I was loosening up lol. but then when I did try to have sex I felt a sharp pain in my tummy and the load's of dark smelly blood came out of me and I couldn't move. So I got referred back to the doctor.

I still continue with the exercise because I think they must do some good more than bad. I've always been more up for physio as it interest me and it is amazing on what it can do in some situations. That's interesting how it's all related to you're digestive system I never put the 2 together. Even my first doctor said they were separate problems.


No if u actually look up “ ibs and the psoas muscle or the hip flexor” there is loads

On it on google.

Ur pf, psoas, hipflexor are interwined in your groinal lower stomach area(near where ur colon is) so when ones

Tight they all are which can result in bad period pain, ibs symtons, constipation, digestive problem,

Pain in back what u think mayb womens problems. Lots

More to....

I kept having pain when i pooped and had wee and it coz u have to push on those muscles to get it out. Now i get no pain.

I suffered so bad period wise and since i been having internal

And external physio much better but ive still not had the guts to have sex yet coz of the spasms and pain it was caused even just getting into positions to actually do it let alone

Actually doin it...

The dried smelly blood a strange one?


I also forgot to mention that as embracing as it is having sex is unbearably painful. The pain I get is right up inside my tummy. I have had to stop having a sex life full stop. Haven't tried having it since last December. Sorry if it's to much information.


I dont know much about endo apart from when i started to get pain it was the first thing They thought it was ... had two laps nothing...

Pain got worse After them Laps think because of just getting even tighter internally with stress. I was having such bad digestive problems to ie intolerances

And ibs which just came from no where? Same time As pain got worse ibs came.

Sex is painful right up inside in belly it because my muscles Spasm and contract coz There to tight, so i can get goin but as soon as it starts( i know tmi) my stomach and all Muscles just kind of reject it.

My physio said think of it as it a bad leg and the more u walk on it or run on it the more painful it gets it same ! But just internal


That's makes a lot of sense now having a look, I did find it a bit odd how my first doctor told me they were separate problems I needed to treat. But that's why my next doctor took it to the next level and referred me to gynecologist because it all sounded like endo. At the time I had no idea on what it was. I still don't know much about it either. But she did say she wasn't sure why I had blood as well and that I should see gyne because it may be another possible indicator of endo.

I defiantly agree with that as at the end of the day it's another muscle. And because I've had to have physio on other parts of my body before. I used to work with horse's and had a very physical job where my body would sometimes give up if I over worked it and it wouldn't get any better unless I stopped.

My physio also said I may be tight due to having an underlying problem when I had an experience of pain and then that caused everything to became tight and get worse as I've never had this problem before and used to lead a very normal life.


God u literally sound like me! I was a gymnast and very good runner as child right up till late teens with the gymnastics and ive always run and im now 44....

So always been very fit and and very flexible but it doesnt always work out to my advantage as i am always hurting myself and i always in pain with something....

I was told i am hypermobile which meand ur joint ligaments and muscle extend past what they should hence why im always hurting something.

This kinda came out blue, id been to work one day i noticed i had back ache and thought “ period coming” didnt think nothing else until i got up and BANG something kind of went in my stomach, i though again it was periods as i am doubled up most periods.

Only this was different i literally could move i was in so much pain, i was rushed to hosp where they suspected endo had attached itself to something and id ripped it apart! So i had a emergency lap and nothing! Sent home.

This went on and on and everyone was saying they missed it... so my mum and dad paid for me to go private with a endo dr and again nothing he said i had a insides of a 30 years old, fit and healthy.

So that was it... i was stuck in this pain and not having clue what it was....

I noticed silly little things ie it didnt hurt so much when i was still or laying? Which suggested to me it wasnt a illness, coz it would not go. Then i noticed it did get worse the next day if i did to much. I was also having trouble digesting, i coildnt eat big meals and i was always goin between being constipated and then the other💩, pain on eating certain foods so i went to dr and she said oh u got ibs!!

I was like hmmm first endo now out of no where i got ibs???? Bit weird...

I was sent to a gastro and she said give up gluten and dairy and then come back.

So i did and sugar as someone else mentioned candida as i had been on so many round

Of antibiotics which kill all ur gut bacteria( good bacteria) went back to gastro said “ yes i do feel better but im still in pain” to which she said have u ever thought it could b muscular and that when she explained.

Ur pf, psoas , lumber , sciatic and hip flexor are all interlinked in that area if u are tight or u ripped something u it could b that so she sent me to a womens health phyiso and she did internal and said i was so tight internally she had trouble getting in there in first place then over the weeks it got better and she started massaging hips, groin, stomach and internal and slowly it just all released.

I now only get pain if i overdo it or lay or sit funny.

I havent plucked up courage for sex yet as i feel ive just got it released sex might hurt and il b all tense In there again.

I have stayed gluten and dairy free as i do feel it helps me as if my belly full is till have trouble with the pooping thing . Which again is another sign as ur so tight in that area ur colon hurts to as it in amongst all them


I will say my periods have got much better since Ive had it all released and no back aches anymore ...

I just feel better.


That does sound like me! That's good to know that physio is working for you! It's pretty amazing how a muscle can affect the whole body but it makes so much sense. I do believe having a tight pelvic floor really isn't helping with all my problems hence why I'm still keeping the physio up. Same I've also enjoyed running and I used to do a lot of agility training with my dogs and horse riding but since my pain I've had to give it all up and had to pay someone els to ride and look after my horse.

But what I do find helps with the pain is gentle walking. Just out of interest do you find this helps?

I'm lucky I've had no problem with going to the toilet yet. But just keep have acid reflux and sometimes I feel sick after drinking. I do find I now lack in energy all the time which I never used too. So I've been trying to work out if it's a dietary thing as well although I'm quite a healthy when it comes to food anyway. Because I'm a big believer in eating healthy.

I've also been constantly getting water infections and the antibiotics I was taking made me feel awful.

That's fantastic news you're feeling better with it all and it's something as simple as physio that helps.


Yes walking helps me alot i seem to feel looser and get abit less pain if i walk which i have to do quite few times a day anyway as i have two dogs.

I also found that some really good yoga stretches

For hips, stomach and pf really help to, i do them

As soon as i wake in the morning so it stretches all my body out.

I dont think it just the physio that has helped me most , i do think that the gluten and dairy free has helped aswell and the probiotics and digestive enzymes and glucosamine coQ10 and msm helps to just keep my digestive system and muscles in better nick then they are.

Have u ever had in mentioned to you that you could b hypermobile?

As i have been told i am which leads to all these kind of muscular internal problems apparently

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I used to do yoga a long time ago I never thought of trying it again but if you fined it helps I should give it ago again.

That would make sense as well as good health comes down to the food we eat. I have tried cutting diary and gluten out of my diet before just for my own interest. But I became quite ill from it and found it really difficult specially as I'm a veggie and have been for most of my life. I haven't thought of it as I'm really not very flexible. But as a kid I used to go to dace and theatre class and my teacher would always be changing my posture.


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