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Heavy bleeding and clots

July last year (2016) I started my period which was unusually heavy. By the time I got to work I was flooding with huge clots. I was changing environment erythromycin 15 minutes. I rang the Dr who prescribed me transmeric acid. I continued to bleed with no break at all. My Dr sent me for pelvic scan, my womb lining was 30mm thick. No fibroids showing. I was then sent to see a gynaecologist. Was given provera which stopped the flow until I went back to have biopsies and the mirena coil fitted. After 9 days the coil fell out intact in a massive clot. I was given provera but this time suffered headaches and it didn't stop the flow. I got the biopsy results back and nothing abnormal. Dr has given me norethisterone 5mg x 3 a day but again it's lightened the flow but not stopped. After 10 days I've stopped the norethisterone as advised. 3 days after I'm flooding with massive clots again. I don't want to be taking tablets all the time to stop then suffer. It really is impacting on my whole life. Has anyone had a hysterectomy without having to fight for it???

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You don't need to jump straight to a hysterectomy. I was having a colposcopy in 2011 to look at some abnormal cervical pre-pre-pre-cancerous cells from an abnormal smear and while I was under a general anaesthetic, I was given a D&C (removing a very thick womb lining) and had my mirena replaced with a new one. This was day surgery. Home the same day and back at work the next (shopfloor on my feet role as a visual merchanadiser)

Following that, I didn't require any further drugs, lighter, more managable periods and no pain.

Do speak to your consultant again as a hysterectomy is a huge op and you don't necessarily need to through that.

You need to be firm but polite in asking for an urgent referral as this is impacting your life. Your GP should be able to help you; then follow up with a call to the consultant's PA. You can usually find it on the hospital website. (Can you tell I'm a dab hand at this? ;))

Good luck in pursuing this :)



I'm under a gynaecologist awaiting my appointment back to discuss what's next. I've had coloscopy along with a scrapping of my womb lining prior to having the coil fitted, which then fell out in a huge clots. I've just had enough now. Non stop bleeding since July last year. Always have had heavy periods there gets a point when you just want the womb removed. Nothing is stopping the bleeding. My Dr is great. She understands that I'm wanting a hysterectomy and us pushing for it to help me.

My mother had the same but she at least got breaks from bleeding where as I'm bleeding all the time. Once she had a hysterectomy she says she never felt better. I've managed heavy periods as in wearing tampons plus 2 towels most if my life. When you are touching 50 it's becomes depressing... thanks for your response LBB XX


I do feel for you D4wnie67

My GP think my current Mirena has come out with a clot as I'm due a change to a new Mirena. In fact I'm just about to go in for a transvaginal ultrasound to see where it is (or isn't!)

I'm 48, but I hear you when you say you want rid of the heavy non stop periods.

This will be my last Mirena and hopefully I'll avoided a hysterectomy.

Just being taken seriously in my late 30s was a relief in itself having suffered from my late teens.

I hope you get the hysterectomy you want.



Thank you LBB, having always had very heavy periods which i thought were "normal" i wish i had gone to see Drs about it years ago. We all learn something.

Thank you again xx


You're welcome. Tbh who ever discusses this stuff? Not my girl friends and certainly not my mum's generation (81). I have fibroids and she and her six sisters all had them or ovarian cysts but I didn't find that out until recently.

So there is no measure of what's "normal". And then the "suck it up" attitude of some medical staff.

Good luck x


I'm lucky as some of my fiends have had similar problems. My mum told me once my problems started. To think that I thought that it wasn't going to be a big thing going through the change lol...how silly was I. It's nice though to read yours and others experiences. I wish you luck too xx

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