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Bleeding and panicking

Hello ladies,

Hope you're all well and good,

I've got a problem I haven't had a period for 3 months I was on zoladex then had to come off. It's taken 3 months for my body to realise no menopausal. Then 16th Sept it started. But I can't stop and it's really heavy and I'm losing clots the size of my fist.

My doctors have tried me on Norethisterone with no help. On Friday night I went to A&E they did naff all.

I don't know what to do I've been continually bleeding for 8 days. The pain is getting worse.

Can anybody help or would you suggest to go back to A&E. PLEASE PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP ME. :)

Thank you


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Hey, I’m not a medical professional so can’t help in that way. But I’d definitely go back and just demand to be seen appropriately as you’ve been bleeding for well over a week with massive clots. Sometimes we have to really ‘play’ it for doctors to actually listen.

And if the pain is getting worse rather than better I’d definitely go and be seen Hun.

Sorry I’m not a massive help! Hope some body can help you out x

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Hello Lexii13,

Thank you for your help. Any help or info is appreciated.

Thank you Lexii13.


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Please go back to A&E if you aren't there already. x.


Hello hopefully,

Thank you for your reply. I'm going to see if it slows down.

If not then I'm going to A&E and giving them a piece of my mind.

Thank you again. ❤




How you feeling hun 💗🤗😘


I feel fine in myself. It's just the bleeding but hopefully 🤞it's started slowing down. Lol x


Hi Sam38, do you have a prescription for Tranexamic Acid? It helps reduce blood loss and might be worth asking about? Hope you feel better soon, x X x


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