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IVF and low follicle numbers

Hi there,

I'm new on here so just wanted to introduce myself and get some advice about IVF. We have been TTC for 18months. I'm 33 (hubby 35) and was diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy in Sept 16. I have a high AMH. We have Just started IVF and had my first stim scan today. Quite disappointed with the result of only 3 follicles on the right ovary (poss a 4th developing) and 1 on the left esp with a high AMH. Another scan tomorrow with egg retrieval on Monday (if they don't cancel this round) Just wondering if anyone else has had a low number of follicles and what the chances of a pregnancy was with such low numbers


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Hi there!

from my experience the clinic starts you off with a low dose of hormones but they ca increase this depending on how your body reacts. There is a danger of over stimulating your ovaries and producing too many eggs which makes you feel quite ill. I had 24 eggs collected of these 5 made it through to the blastocyst stage. You only need one blastocyst for implantation. Try to stay positive as there's a good chance more eggs will appear on the scan tomorrow. If they do cancel don't be disheartened they will probably increase your dose for the next cycle. X


Hi i had really low i kept going for a scan everyday for a week when they gave go ahead for egg retrieval they got only 3 😣 one failed one abnormal and one positive. I did fall pregnant unfortunately miscarried but thats just my experience. Which was 6 years ago. Sounds like as much as it would be awful to cancel it might be for a good reason hun. Good luck. Fingers crossed for u sprinkling baby dust your way x


Hi! I have stage 4 endometriosis and very high something (can't remember what). When I had ivf, I was told I had a less than 5% chance of it working. I responded really slowly to stimulation and stimmed a lot longer than is normal. My left ovary produced very little and my right ovary wasn't much better. However, they eventually collected 5 eggs. Got three embryos of a high quality, 2 were pit back in and I got pregnant and have a 6 year old daughter. I had ivf a second time, very similar cycle and also have a 4 year old daughter. You never know, by your next scan there could be more and when they do the retrieval they usually find more than they've seen on the scan - this is what happened to me. I spent the whole process worried about the end resuly and my husband kept telling me just take one step at a time, which I did try and do, but it's so hard when you've wanted something for so long and everyone is getting pregnant around you so easily (so many of my friends and my sister and step-sister). I have everything crossed for you and hope you are as incredibly lucky as I was. Xxx


Thanks for the replies it means a lot

I had the scan today and there were 4 poss 5 on the right ovary and a possible 2 on left so it's getting better. Much lower yield than I was lead to believe I would get but like you say you only need one!

Egg retrieval is planned for Monday so fingers crossed they find a few more 🤞



That's a really good number - quality over quantity. All the very best. Xxx


Thank Jenny8

I had the egg retrieval on Monday and 5 eggs were collected. All fertilized. One 3 day embryo transferred today so im now in the 2ww. Im not sure the other 4 embryos are going to be good enough quality to freeze, still waiting to hear, fingers crossed

Any tips on what to do or not to do in the 2ww?


Hi! I am sure that you always have chances. Have you thought about surrogate ?


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