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Endometriomas and IVF

I had excision with stripping of bilateral endometriomas last November. I recovered really well but my pain returned a couple of months later.

I have recently had an ultrasound scan which showed a 1cm endometrioma in my left ovary and a 5cm one in my right. All of my pain is right sided and it's worse than it's ever been. I'm currently mid-flare up and I'm in agony.

However, my husband and I have recently been called forward for IVF, which we've been waiting a long time for. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of IVF combined with endometriomas and how did you find it? Or did your consultant suggest they were removed prior to starting?

I'm in a dilemma in that I don't want to wait any longer for IVF and I'm concerned about my egg reserve diminishing with more surgery (I'm 36 and not getting any younger), but I'm not sure I can live with the pain either. I'm also concerned that IVF might exacerbate my symptoms.

Any advice?

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I'm sorry you are in this predicament. This was me a few years ago. Endometrioma came back quickly after surgery.

You will have to go by what your ivf clinic's protocols are. Some will want them gone (if they are over a certain size- I would think 5cm would need to go) but they may ask you to get them drained.

I had one on my left when we started our cycle and it shrank when down regulating and then started to grow again when stimming. But my stimulated follicles also got bigger and sort of prevented the endometrioma from taking too much space.

It was a successful cycle and I have not suffered as much since my son was born. On the flip side I had a previous unsuccessful cycle where the drugs did make me worse and led to my surgery but like you I couldn't live with the pain. The surgery actually helped my chance with the second ivf as they put my ovary back to a normal position (it was tethered up high- not good for egg collection).

It's so difficult when you are in this position.

My advice would be have your first appointment and find out what they intend to do and then consider all the options. You may find if they down regulate you then it will help to shrink the cyst.

Happy to be a sound board for you. I couldn't find any information so had to use my logic and do my own. And it worked out for me. But I firmly believe you should be in charge. Ask lots of questions and take your time (hard I know when you want a baby so badly) but it's worth it to get it right and give you every chance.

Good luck x

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I'm sorry about his timing. I would agree you need to see them and see what they say. During my IVF they would not proceed with any ovarian involvement until it was resolved and made sure I was in the best possible place to be able to cope physically and mentally with the IVF processes. Good luck

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Hi there, I'm in a similar position. Had a lap in 2013 and lost part of right ovary, another in Feb this year, losing left fallopian tube and some more of right ovary, also had excision from bowel and bladder. Now it's back with another endometrioma on the left ovary (3.5cm). Due to previous loss of ovarian tissue and low AMH have been advised to proceed to IVF and monitor size, they may aspirate during egg collection if required. Looking to start in September. I would be keen to hear how you get on. Best of luck!

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Thanks for your advice everyone. We have an appointment next Tuesday to plan the treatment so will hopefully have a better idea of how to proceed then. X


Hi hunny i also went through similar and actually had a lap in the March prior to starting treatment in the August. I wanted to give myself the best possible chance after 10 failed iui, I was a poor responder only 8 eggs and only 4 were any good, I put 2 in an concieved twins, they are 8 now, I did short protocol 2wks drugs, egg retrieved returned and 2wk wait ,Bfp quickest 5 wks of my life, good luck xx


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