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Pregnancy and endometriosis


Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone can please help. last week I had a failed ivf cycle (3rd failed fertility treatment this year) and it's left me feeling so down. I had the weekend to think things through and feel better today. I just wanted to know if any of you ladies had endometriosis and were able to conceive naturally. My husband and I want to try naturally again although I don't feel like it will work as we wouldn't have tried ivf in the first place!! I feel like my endometriosis has left me feeling worthless and my body is rubbish. I have a low amh of 8. My husband and I would like to try ivf again next but we have to fund it this timee. Therefore I want to try naturally for a bit before we go down that route again xxx

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Hello. Sorry you are having such a hard time at the moment.

My first pregnancy nearly 14 years ago ended at 6 months when the baby died. I didn't know I had endo at the time but was obviously distraught non the less. The midwife who supported me through labour and delivery, and a friend of my mums told me her and her husband had been told they would never conceive naturally due to endo and other problems. After several failed IVF attempts they decided to renovate their house, book some nice holidays and enjoy their life together. She fell pregnant naturally and they had a daughter. She said she believes that after accepting their fate, stopping pressuring themselves they relaxed enough for it to happen. She had her miracle baby and that story helped me get through the most traumatic day of my life. I now have two naturally conceived girls. But I've never forgotten that story, and it does show miracles happen.

I hope you get your baby. I guess it's easy for me to say now but it is worth remembering that focusing solely on that puts immense pressure into your life and perhaps in planning a second choice future you're miracle will happen naturally. Best of luck to you and your husband.

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Thank you so much for you reply. It's nice to read success stories. My cousin had her first baby with ivf and her second was natural and she had her tubes blocked. I don't know why but my head has it drilled into it that it won't happen naturally but I know I need to stop thinking like that and be more positive. Thank you for sharing xxx

I'm sorry it didn't work out this time. It must be such a blow after all that went into it.

I was lucky enough to conceive naturally, after trying for more than a year we were not hopeful and were on the wait list for IVF after my lap. But it happened. I'm now 17 weeks.

I've come across quite a few endo sisters who are pregnant lately. Sometimes it just takes a while.

So definitely do keep trying for a natural conception while waiting for your next IVF cycle. One way or another, I hope you get your BFP soon. Take care.

Hi sanderlla, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy!! Really happy for you. I guess we will take some time out from this journey and just have fun again. I need to be more positive xxx

Sounds really tough - I'm about to try my first IVF round and very nervous about it not working and dealing with the emotional fall out.

I don't know much about it but read up on AMH and vit d(3). Also, I'm trying acupuncture too- of course it depends hugely where your endo is. pm me if London acupuncture names would be helpful xx

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Thank for your reply hun. I had tried accpuntre for this cycle but I guess it didn't work for me! Iv started taking omega 3 tables aswell as vitamin d. Just doing too be myself for the next cyclee. I joined the gym so want to relax in other ways! Good luck for your cycle. Please message me if you want any questions answered x

Good luck. Xx


I have endo (bladder, bowels and endometriomas) and am currently sitting on my sofa nursing my 4 week old baby. We tried for two years and had upsets in that time but then I got married, moved house and stopped trying. That's when it happened for us. I think all the pressure I was putting on myself was working against me.

Just enjoy! Really good luck x

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