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Only one follicle

I had my first appointment with the IVF clinic today which considers whether I am even able to have IVF.

They did an internal scan to see if there was anything obstructing my ovaries, there wasn't which was good but they didn't find any follicles in my right ovary and only one follicle in my left ovary - what does this mean?

We came away feeling very dejected and unsure whether they would give the green light to IVF. It doesn't sound very promising.

I have been and continue to be on depo injections since July 2014. I know they only recommend 6 months but I'm due to have another laparoscopy in two weeks so my consultant wanted me to stay on the injections for a bit longer so as not to wake up 'the devil that is endometriosis'.

Would this have an impact on why there was only one follicle?

I'm not due to have my follow up appointment with the IVF clinic until June so a bit of a wait, hence my questions.

Lastly, is anyone under two hospitals - I'm under St Mary's in London for the treatment of my endometriosis (which is stage 4) and Queen Charlotte's and Chelsea hospital for IVF. They are the same hospital I believe (on different sites) but there doesn't appear to be much joining up. I assumed the paperwork would get shared between and decisions were made jointly but that doesn't appear to be happening.

Its all just a nightmare!

Some advice would be truly welcomed xx

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear you are having to go down the IVF route. Can totally sympathise as I am currently starting this too and had my initial consultation on 18th Feb. Sounds like clinics do things differently, as where I go I had the internal scan done and saw someone about it a couple of hours later on the same day who went through it with me and my partner and what our next move was to be: IVF as soon as possible as my body was only going to get worse with the severe endo I have and it not looking that great as it is. But also whilst the scan was being done the lovely lady showed me the screen and explained what she was seeing. Sorry to hear you are having to wait for further news and what the next thing to be done will be. Fingers crossed for you.

Am I correct in that the Depo injections put your body into a mini menopause? If so it may account for the low follicle count as your body is being told there is no need to produce. May be a different result if you have it again once off the depo and it is out of your system.

Was it your gynae re endo who referred you to the IVF section of the hospital? If so, and if like the IVF clinic I am at, they have sent a copy letter to me, my GP and referring Gynae about our initial consultation and the next move to be made. So they may share things too. When you see your Gynae next ask if they have heard anything.

I am not in London so cannot comment on the place you have mentioned. Sorry.

I hope this is of some help to you. Good luck for your Lap. x


Hi there, have you had a blood test for AMH, which gives an indication of your ovarian reserve? They normally take this test along with your follicle count during the scan to see how well you might react to the stimulation drugs.

I'm under two different London hospitals for endo and IVF. Luckily I was referred from one consultant to her friend in another so they are very joined up. But I wouldn't assume this was the case in general and I'd personally make sure all the information was being shared (eg scan letters and email then over to the other hospital). Good luck.


Thanks for the advice ladies, I did wonder whether the fact that I am on the injections and on a medical menopause whether that would have an impact on the low number of follicules.

The nurse was lovely and knew I was on the injections as asked about my cycle so had to explain but I didn't think to ask the question when she said I only had one follicle and now have to wait till June.

Squidgy - it is good they were able to go through it with you both after and you don't have this waiting around. What is the next step for you now?

The nurse gave me a print out of the results so I will take them to the other hospital on Friday as have my pre-op then. I wasn't sure whether they would send them on so thought it would be best to ask.

SparklyT - I haven't had a blood test for AMH, perhaps they're do that at the next appointment. It was all so fast as I was in and out within the hour and that included the scan. Are you about to start IVF?

Thanks for replying to my message, it has really helped xx


Yep! I'm currently in the down regulation phase. Not all clinics/CCGs do an AMH test but it's becoming more common now I believe.


Have got my protocol and consent forms. So once gone back to clinic to sign forms and be shown how to inject myself with the drugs I will start the IVF treatment with firstly the down regulating near the end of March (25th ish) which is very daunting and scary the more it nears.

Good thinking of yours to ask for a print out of the results to take to your gynae appt. Even if not needed in end at least you have a copy/record for yourself. Or is it just me that likes to have a copy and know what going on? I think so I can ram it in drs faces when they question what you are saying to them as if you are lying. Glad you had a nice nurse too for your internal scan. Always a big help.

Best of luck for you and your endo/IVF journey x x


I'm sure it's the injections you are on as to why there was only one follicle. Once you start treatment this will change. I started a natural ivf cycle in January but had to stop as there was only 3 follicles developing and was all blocked by two very large cysts. I'm now recovering from my third laparoscopy and will begin a full round of ivf soon.

On previous tries I've had loads of follicles so I might just mean you'll also have to have the injections as part of your treatment

Bob x


Thanks ladies, bit of a late reply reply I know.

Squidgy - good luck with starting IVF at the end of the month - not long now.

My friend keeps telling me I need a PMA which I had never heard of before (positive mental attitude), am trying but it's hard, my friends seem to be more excited than I am - guess there's so much for us to think and worry about, for them they are pleased and happy that we are getting finally getting somewhere.

I am going for my laparoscopy on weds, bit nervous but had one before so at least I know what to expect - quite looking forward to two weeks on the sofa catching up on all my programmes but know I will be pulling my hair out by the end.

My pre-op went a lot better than the appointment at the IVF clinic - the nurse at the endo hospital couldn't believe the other hospital didn't have all my notes so she took my consultants name and was going to get in touch with them.

We came away feeling a lot more positive and felt like we were all on the same page which was good.

I'm still a little confused over follicles - it prob seems silly to say this but I don't really know what they are.

Bobenhams3 - you mention that I might have to have the injections with IVF - does that mean there is a way to go through IVF without the injections? I should probably do a bit of researching as dont really know much about the process at all xx


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