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5cm + endometrioma & ivf

Hi guys

I just wanted some advice/ experienced. I was diagnosed with endo in sept 2015 after a laparoscopt, we have failed to concieve since. We had a failed cycle of ivf in sept 2016 and currently saving to try one last time.

I have a 5cm choc cyst on my right ovary and had a cyst eemoved from my left ovary, in my last ivf cycle altho both ovaries produced follicles the left sode were filled with fluid so we ended up with only 3 mature eggs. I have an appt with a gynaecologist to see whether i ahud have this cyst removed but i am so worried ill lose ny ovary and the chances of conceiving will get even lower.

Should i go straight to ivf? Has anyone had the same experience?

Thanks in advance

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I had an endometrioma about the same size which they decided wasn't good to remove as there was a risk of damaging the ovary. I also have extensive endo and diffuse adeno.

I'm afraid I didn't have much luck with IVF. The first time, no eggs grew and the cycle was cancelled. Then they upped the stims and I produced 5. (Looked like more, but only 5 were mature.) Then, the last time, on testosterone, which was supposed to improve egg quality, I only produced 3 eggs.

I was finally told that I had diminished ovarian reserve.

However, I am now 35 weeks pregnant from donor egg IVF. The whole journey took 5.5 years, partly because we waited a while before seeking help and then waited a year from the last treatment before doing the donor egg IVF - just to make sure that was right for us.

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Thanks for ur reply- my amh levels r good and ive just been told that i probably have low ovarian function due to my surgery in 2015 which is why im concerned about having more. I know it only takes one egg...my oh wont go for donor eggs im afraid!


It's not for everyone. But for us, it was that or surrogacy/ adoption/ childlessness.



I didn't know I had endo till they found a 7cm mass encompassing the left ovary and tube which was so involved that I lost the tube and ovary. I'm 38 so went straight to ivf with one ovary and a amh of 8.88. We got three mature eggs, all made it to blast and currently 8 weeks pregnant.

Three mature eggs is not a bad result. It's quality over quantity in the ivf game. If you read on the ivf forum the ladies have varying results cycle to cycle. What was said in your follow up appointment? Can anything be done drug wise on the next cycle to help?


The consulatant just said i had to accept there would be limitations and they would probably increase dosage this time round.

I have an appt with a diff gynaecologist who specialises ib endo for a second opinion before we start our next cycle, its so hard as we r self funded and oh has said this is last time we will do ivf 😔


I didn't have time to get the endo looked at by a specialist before starting ivf due to my age.

I did see an expert who said getting rid of endo should make it easier to conceive. It's so hard as there seems to be no real research into endo and its all opinion. Wishing you luck x


Thanks very much- im 37 in a few months and do feel like this will be it for me.

Congrats on ur pregnancy x


Hi, whilst i can not help with this myself, i am interested as in a similar situation. 7cm cyst, my last 10cm one was removed I have kissing ovaries and a blocked lefy tube but the cyst is on my right ovary. Ttc since july 16 have bsge centre appt in 2 weeks to discuss the next step of plan.

I also habe endo on my bowel and pod. Wishing you on your ivf cycle x


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