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Attempting ivf again after a year

Hi all,

After 3 attempts of fresh ivfs in last 4 years. I'm an endo patient with a bit low amh. I hit rock bottom . But after 1and a half year trying again. I'm so hopeless. I'm very frail inside.

And my new RE every time she scans me says " I can't see many follicles and so I'm a bit worried ".

Can I have some positivity plzzz!!!

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Hello. Gosh it sounds like you've been through the mill. Poor you.

I have low AMH and suspected endo and have been through 3 egg collections as Endometriomas on my left ovary meant it was useless. Only 2 eggs collected at two ECs and 1 egg at third. But I have three embryos in the freezer (1 from each EC)... so remember it's not quantity but quality and you only need one good one. I don't think your doctor's bedside manner is particularly helpful, but I take it you're still stimming so anything can happen over the next few days... Get the hot water bottle on your tum and drink lots of water! I'm not sure I've helped but I get where you're coming from with the worry. You're obviously stronger than you think to do this a 4th time. :-)

Have you joined the Fertility Network group? Everyone is really supportive on there.

Best of luck with your journey. X


Thx mango.

But in all my cycles I've produced 8-9 eggs. I don't know really I feel so nullified sometimes. So did they do pgd for u that's why they did egg banking. Did u ever hAve a laparoscopy to diagnose ur endo .


That is really positive that you have good egg collections despite low AMH. And reading your history you have been pregnant before (I'm sorry for your losses) so your body does know what it's doing. Try to remain positive that you have got so far before. I know easier said than done.

No pgd for my embryos. They are frozen because I need to have my tubes blocked as I have hydrosalpinges which means poisonous fluid in both tubes that can flow back to uterus and wash away an embryo. I had a laparoscopy earlier this year to remove my tubes due to bad PID but everything is swollen and stuck together so couldn't be removed, and only option is blocking them with Essure coils. Surgeon didn't see endo during the lap due to complex insides but I have all the symptoms and the fertility doctor says he can see endometriomas and adenomyosis. I won't explore the endo fully until I've had a family as I had to get on with IVF due to my age and low ovarian reserve.


Hi sorry to hear all that youve gone through. My story is abit different cause i actually have polysystic ovary, tried for years naturally but never got pregnant, i became so stressed and i began to think about ivf but i never actually when ahead with it cause i became so streesed so i decided ill give it a rest. after about 2-4 years max we decided will try again what ever happens happens lets not stress about it and guess what i feel pregnant natually and i was 2months gone and hadn't even realise cause i never really use to get a period every month. so my point is we might have different conditions but sometimes when your too streesed and worried your body just finds it hard to allow you to become pregnant. So my advice is leave the ivf for abit and concentrate on other things after about 2- 3 years try again but just have the mindset of if it works great if not than I'll try again when im ready and im not going to get stressed about it, i also do understand depending on our age you might feel you haven't much time but sometimes when we become too stressed or occupy our thoughts with becoming pregnant our bodies just say no im not ready ive to much stressed hormones and i cant deal with pregnancy. So one other thing i did was also i changed my eating habits i began eating healthy lost some weight and when i tried for my secound 2 years later i feel pregnant the same month so i hope it all goes well for you. x


Thanks sula01, but I've been trying for so long now. I feel so exhausted 😩 . I've changed my eating habits,lost weight don't know really .


Im so sorry darling, i Totally understand you; when i use to have no periods i use to say why me, i was so frustrated because i wanted to become a mother so much that when other women or family would complain about their periods or say things such as ooh i hate periods i use to wanna cry or say only if you knew my pain and how i wish i could have one and wouldn't even dare to complain about the pain you wouldn't be saying that. I totally feel your frustration its so unfair how its all so easy for some and so hard for us but All we can do is pray to God about it and i hope oneday it works. So just keep trying and again dont stress to much about it even though it easy to say. x


Hi Mango100 .

Yes I know what u mean. I'm exactly d same not that I would not go to d endo side till my family is complete. I don't kno what to think anymore. I'm fine one second and I'm crying d other. Don't want to cry in front of parents. Bcoz I feel I will hurt them d most of I break down in front of them.



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