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Bleeding 1 year post total hysterectomy

Hi everyone

Im in desperate need of advice. I had a hysterectomy last year to treat stage 4 endo. My uterus, ovaries and cervix were all removed by an endo specialist. I also had surgery to unglue my bowel from my uterus.

Everything was fine until a couple of months ago, when the old, familiar sharp pains in my side returned. That along with painful bowel movement. Now I appear to be having break throughs of spotting, not heavy or all the time, but definately blood. Bleeding seems heavier when I have a bowel movement. Sorry if tmi.

Please help X x

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Sorry to hear you're suffering. Unfortunately endo can come back after a hyster and ovaries removed - even though lots of surgeons will tell you it can't. Sounds like it maybe affecting bowel and that is what is bleeding. Get your GP to refer you to BSGE surgeon of you weren't under one before and get them to do a lap to see what's going on.

Good luck



Thanks for your reply. Bleeding from vagina not bowel, but defo worse with bowel movement, so perhaps you are right.

Aware that sadly endo can return, but was just confused with bleeding despite having no uterus or ovaries. I have my annual review in December with my specialist, so will raise it then.

Take Care


Hi, I had a hysterectomy in April this year and each month since I've been having break through bleeding. Like you I had my uterus, tubes and cervix removed so struggle to understand what is going on with my body. Also the pain I have now is so much worse than before my hysterectomy I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I'm under a different hospital now and the consultant wants to shut my ovaries down to see if this helps, but I'm reluctant to do this as I had an MRI a few weeks ago and this showed the starting of osteoarthritis in my back, I also have liver disease (probably down to all the painkillers I take) xx


Oh you poor love. I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.

Not sure how it all works as you still have your ovaries. Perhaps they are still trying to act on the monthly cycle despite having no uterus. Who knows X x.

Did an endo specialist carry out your hysterectomy?

Warmest Regards X x


To Kip

I would be concerned aboit any bleeding after hysterectomy


Hi Shelly92

Yes I am rather concerned. Going to see my GP.



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