Had op today

Suffering... do not try for a baby the month before. They nearly cancelled my op today. Aparantly inder no cicrumsyances should you have unprotected sex.

Managed to persuade them to do op but I suppose I now risk miscarrying or eptopic. So gutted and miserable.

Op didn't go so well and I'm now gutted to find out how bad endo is. It's bad!!!

Thank god I had surgery to see how bad it really was. Will need more surgery - not keyhole but open

Recovering overnight as they won't send me home..

Miserable x

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  • All the best Hun, I'm travelling back to oxford tonight for op on Wednesday. Hope you recover quickly, sorry to hear it didn't go well for you. :( hopefully they get you home and then sorted out quickly after!

    All the best xxx

  • One of the nurses here was outstanding. Held my hand whilst I cried and couldn't do enough for me. Are you coming to JR? X

  • Yeah JR tomorrow morning! Hope you're doing well x

  • Good luck x

  • What were your symptoms?

  • Stabbing pains at all times in left hand side (low down) not in line with cycle. Blood clots in Period. Light periods. Mucas in poo. Struggling to conceive.

  • Thank u hope you get feel better very soon 😀

  • Waiting for my date for lap!!

  • Are you being treated at a BSGE endo centre?

  • The JR in Oxford

  • I had doctor Becker and he was very good. Clearly knows his stuff. All good apart from the panic at the start which was I suppose just what they needed to be assured of.

  • Hugs. Many many hugs. I had a first lap back in january and was told it would be lasered out and they'd put in a mirena and it would be fine. Came round from the anaesthetic to find that none of it had been removed and it was far worse than the gynae had suspected. It was a horrible, horrible time and I am not surprised you feel terrible. It will get better - it takes a while to come to terms with the diagnosis especially when the disease is severe. You've mentioned mucus in bowel movements so I assume they found bowel endo/rectovaginal endo?

    Although staying in overnight is horrible, they did the right thing - although the surgery is keyhole, abdominal surgery is brutal and if you have post op complications at least you're in the right place (take it from me - having been sent home at lunchtime and then going on to have an internal bleed post op and being rushed to a packed A&E to spend 8 hours on a trolley in a corridor, you do NOT want to be at home too quickly). You are also in the right place because you are already at a bsge centre so you won't have to wait months and months to be referred to one.

    Did they tell you why it would have to be open surgery or is that just a possibility?

    Be kind to yourself and I hope you start to feel better soon.

  • Thank you. You poor thing!! It's horrible isn't it. It's going to be a lap next time - I thought it might be open but just seen doc this am and he said it would be lap. Problem is that it's also on my diaphram and lungs so they don't know what to do with that. I also had a cyst which was never spotted on scans when in a&e. Ahhh just wanted this to be over. I'm desperately trying to get pregnant too so we can't treat with hormones.. keep strong and thank you. I know I'm in right place. Xx

  • It really is grim. At the time I wasn't particularly surprised, just so, so disappointed. Hope you've had a comfortable night and get to go home today.

  • Hi how are you feeling? X

  • Uncomfortable! At least I was able to sleep. My belly button is now oozing and it's not looking pretty.

  • I get pain and bruised feeling under my ribs and the top of my tummy did you feel that x

  • No just very tight tummy. Feel slightly short of breath. God this illness is so miserable!

  • How are you feeling? Xx

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