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Post op

Hi ladies!

So I'm 3 weeks post op now. Still having a lot of bloating and random sharp pain, but I'm ok. I have my follow up appointment in April!

I had my first period last week and it was TERRIBLE! Worse than before surgery. They did find endometriosis during surgery and my right ovary was a mess.

But the weirdest feeling I'm having is that my mind is all jumbled and I keep having brain blocks? And I'm stuttering a lot? It's getting me down as I know what I want to say but it's just not coming out. Is this linked some how after surgery? I really don't know ....

Also I'd like people's opinions on going "gluten free"?

Thank you Ellis xxx

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Hi! I'm two weeks after laparoscopy and having the same symptoms you describe - I think that's due to tiredness and recovery the body is working on. It will get better :) I've been wondering whether those random stubbing pains are still endo pains or post op? What do you think?

I've not tried gluten free yet but hear a lot good about it so planning to give it a go soon!


Oh bless you, I've been going out of my mind today. Couldn't finish a sentence without stuttering 😔

I really don't know what the pains are it's confusing! I rang the doctors because last week during my period I woke up and couldn't move at all due to excruciating pain. Not even a bath calmed it. Ended up being prescribed stronger codine, so I was all over the place. I mentioned the pains and she said it could be to do with the fact I'd just had the op and it was healing process? So I'm not really sure.. But my back has been in bits since op too xx

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Not good news then :/ hope it's gonna pass and we'll be fine soon! Happy women's day 😊x

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Hi, sounds like you're mostly recovering well, you've been through a lot and need to be kind to yourself. I know I underestimated how much of an emotional impact the op would have on me and I was a blubbering mess for the first couple of weeks! Have you tried peppermint tea for the bloating? The stuttering is probably because you're a bit emotional now and to do with the medication you're on? I'd like to know more about the gluten free diet too xx

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I've just repeated this lol. Echo oooooòoooo.

Should of read replies first lol


Your body is recovering I started feeling back to normal 3 weeks, so on your nearly there.

6 weeks after I was back at work.

Think its hormones hun. You need heal internally so your body's working hard to do so.

be patient you'll get there.

I completely under estimated the emotional change.


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Thank you Hun.. Deffo think its all my hormones. I really didn't think the op would change me emotionally so much. I keep telling people I'm ok because I don't want to feel like I go on but I'm really not. Can't wait for my follow up appointment now xxxxx


Honest it knocked me for six I felt all out of whack.

I was really upset for Weeks too. My proper hubby didn't know what do.

Just hibernate and watch lots of movies.



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