Had op, What a week! Home for the weekend :-)

Hello everyone, thank you so much to everyone who wished me luck the other day for my op. I wanted to reply to you all and post sooner to say how the op went but the internet was rubbish in hospital. Plus I've been so tired I fall asleep in the middle of writing a text!! Lol.

Anyway had the op Monday and it went really well. My two surgeons were thrilled with how the procedure went and considering how bad it was inside they managed to remove all the endometriosis. Apparently my right side was horrendously stuck down and it was pretty much everywhere. I had my bowel shaved but luckily none removed. They also found a big walnut sized lump of rock hard scar tissue between my front lady bits and back bits! They said no wonder I've been in so much pain.

So recovery has been quite tough but got lots of strong meds to help me through it. Unfortunately my poor bladder went into shock from the surgery (prob confused after being stuck to my other organs for so long) so I was unable to wee when they took the catheter out on tues. I was left a long time to try but just couldn't and went into retention so they had to get the catheter back in for the night. It was so knackering as I had no sleep the mon night due to my morphine machine alarm deciding to go off every time I pushed the button!!

So Wednesday we tried without catheter again but no joy and went into retention again so back went the catheter again to give my poor tummy some relief (it was so swollen). After I filled a nice big bag they took the bag off and have left me with the tube but of the catheter and a flip and flow switch. So weds night I practiced using that in hospital (you get to stand and pee like a man!). They think my bladder just needs a bit of time to remember what to do so they let me out yesterday afternoon to have the weekend at home with my new little tube friend down there! I have to go back in Monday morning and try without catheter again then. They said it could take a while as you have to do 3 wee's before you can be discharged fully. Got to take overnight bag again just incase. They've also left my room up there on open access this weekend so if I feel unwell or any trouble with the catheter I can just ring and go back up. I have to say the treatment has been fantastic and I've been looked after very well indeed. My surgeon visited me twice a day after the op.

Feeling very sore this morning but happy knowing I'm in recovery now. The next 2 months are just recovery and I've got to stay on my pill so I don't have a period. Then I'll see my surgeon in clinic in July and we'll discuss plans going forward. He knows I want to try for a baby so I'm guessing after July is when I'll be given a time frame to try naturally.

So I'm all set up in my bed with everything around me that I need, my hubby gave me an early birthday present as birthday not till next week. It's a kindle fire Hdx so that'll keep me entertained. Got my big brown paper bag of drugs from the hospital! Lol. And most importantly I get to be home Sunday for my little boys 5th birthday.

Anyway hope everyone is feeling as well as possible and best of luck to anyone going through the same surgery.xxx

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  • Hi Cat,

    Great to hear your news and I do hope your bladder issues clear up soon. I wish you all the best for a speedy and trouble free recovery. Nice time of year for it! X

  • Thanks brown low, yes it's lovely out there I didn't realise how nice it'd been until the nurse wheeled me outside the hospital yesterday! Not feeling like leaving bed today but hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon, I live by a gorgeous park so sunbathing is definately a must in recovery.xx

  • Glad to hear the op went well & they found it all Cat :-) & hope your bladder settles down soon too hope you enjoy your recovery what a lovely thought of your hubby to get you a new kindle!!! X

  • Thank you petunias. Going to have a go on the kindle now, everytime I've tried so far I nod off! Lol.xx

  • Good morning Cat, I'm so please it went well..... Sounds like things were pretty messed up inside of you!

    I'm so please your husband got you a nice present and that you can go home and enjoy your little boys birthday. You do realise that to help your recovery, you need to have at LEAST two large slices of birthday cake? Honestly..... It's the law (Lol!)

    Must feel strange having to wee like a man ? I really hope your poor bladder recovers soon.

    Have a great weekend and take things easy.

    Lots of love,

    Barbara x

  • Thanks Barbara yes it was pretty bad inside. The word severe is used an awful lot through my notes. Very strange weeing like a man haha but actually more comfortable than sitting down at present.

    And yes I agree extra birthday cake is compulsory!

    Thanks for your messages this last week it means slot to me.xxx

  • Hey, I'm so happy your home and well. Glad everything went well for you. X

  • Thanks hun. How you feeling now? I wanted to ask you sooner but internet was awful in the hospital. I can't believe we've finally had the ops done.xx

  • I'm ok but still in pain and getting cramps. But that's expected due to the surgery I've had. Just resting and taking it easy. I know can't believe we've had our surgery. How you feeling today? X

  • Yeah we'll prob take a good couple months to recover. I'm really sore today so keeping on top of the pain relief. Makes me so drowsy though, I can't stop nodding off! Everytime I try and read or watch a bit of tele my eyes start to go! Haha. Oh well we should make the most of being able to rest for a while. If you want a chat at anytime just private message me. Sometimes it's nice to talk to someone who's going through the same thing.xx

  • Yes that's a good idea. But I don't knw how to private message.

  • In the top right hand corner there should be a little green box with 3 lines in it click on that and it should show you your profile name. Under that is an envelope. Click on that and that's where you can receive and send private messages on here. I'll send you a quick one and then anytime you want to chat you can just press reply on it.xx

  • Awww that's so good to hear that ur opp went well. Iv just had major opp was under for 6 hours for stage 4 endo my surgeons said it was the wrost they have ever seen. But thanks to God Iv got discharged after nearly 3 weeks last weekend with catheter same as u. As I was reading ur update it was like reading my own coz everything u said happened to me!!! Wot a world we live in. I had my catheter in for 3 weeks, went for bladder scans 3 times but my bladder was still not emptying. So had a flip catheter again. But things to God went bck to hospital this tuseday and after all 3 scans and so many wees lol it came out. I'm sooo relived it's out coz I had an infection and was in soo much pain. I'm still having pain in the bladder now n again but they said it will take time after major surgery. I hope ur scans goes well n that u can relax n get well. Hope both of us as a speedy recovery all the best Hun As xxxz

  • Aww you poor thing I certainly know how you feel then. I'm glad your bladder has kicked back in now. My surgeon was shocked at the amount of endo he found too! I'm really hoping when I go in Monday I can wee cos if I have to keep my catheter I'll have to wear it under my bridesmaid dress next weekend when my sis in law gets married. God knows how I'm going to get through the wedding at the minute anyway! My mum said maybe we'll get hold of a wheel chair for me as it's going to be such a long day. No bowel movements yet either, drinking the horrible laxido each day. Did your bowels take a while too? Where in the country are you?xx

  • Hi Cat, I stumbled apon your post and your situation sounds very similar to mine. I am post opp a week too. I was undiagnosed before my lap and I'm now trying to get my head round my diagnosis. I too had some bladder issues, but not quite as bad, you poor thing. luckily I just had the cathiter for two nights and I seemed to be ok. But I had severe endo removed from my pelvis,uterus, bowel and Fallopian tube removed. I am really struggling with pain relief and wondered If you have any advice? Wishing you a speedy recovery. x

  • Hiya, you poor thing getting diagnosed and having removed all in one op! That's a lot to get your head round. I was diagnosed in nov last year with severe stage 4 endo and frozen pelvis. I needed a specialist surgeon and bowel surgeon so waited 6 months and just had it all removed on Monday. They said it was everywhere and lots of it but are confident they've removed it all. Pain relief is a difficult one hun, I've come home with paracetamol, naproxen, Tramadol and some anti sickness pills. I have oromorph already at home from when I had horrendous periods so they said I can take that if needed but to be careful with it. I only really find the oromorph helps the pain. The Tramadol takes the edge off it but mainly just makes me drowsy. I've made sure I've propped myself up in bed with lots of soft cushions and I have a heat mat which is nice for back pain. All I can say my lovely is that it's very early days in recovery for both of us and things will get better. Ring your GP if you feel you need stronger pain relief. Rest up and don't over do things. Wishing you a speedy recovery too. Message anytime if you want advice or support.xxx

  • Hi Cat247

    I've just read your post, because I'm waiting for an op to have some large endometrical cysts to be removed from each ovary. Also, they want to clear up the endometriosis, because they say its all a mess! I'm glad your op went well & it sounds like your in good spirits, which is fantastic!. I'm really frightened about my op, but reading your post has made me feel better! I hope your bladder is ok & i wish you a good and speedy recovery.

    Emma x

  • Hi Emma best of luck with your op. Try not to be frightened you won't be aware of anything going on once they put you to sleep. Think nice thoughts, I was chatting to all the doctors and nurses about holidays before I went to sleep. Just think of how better you'll feel after you've recovered too. I've been so poorly with my endo for so long now and even though I'm feeling very rough today I just keep telling myself it's recovery pain now. Thanks for your well wishes, I hope all goes well for you too.xx

  • Cat.... Can I ask how long your surgery took?

    I think I will be having similar surgery but with the added bonus of uterus removal as I have fibroids and adenomyosis!


  • I'm not sure exactly how long I think maybe about 3 or 4 hours.xx

  • Ahh thank you, I came home with codeine, paracetamol, and diclofenac, but had been having regular oral morph in hosp. I contacted my GP for some oral morp after I came home as wasn't coping but he said I wasn't allowed it at home and if I was in that much pain I should be in hosp. As you can imagine I was a bit of a wreck and he did give me some other codeine type drugs which sent me whappy! Finding it really hard to not be 'off my face' all the time. I don't like the feeling and a lot of the drugs aren't agreeing with me. Thank you for your MSG back I must say it does make it slightly easier that your not the only one dealing with this xx

  • I'm finding the being off my face part of it really hard to hun. That's all the meds seem to do rather than help the pain! The advantage I suppose is being asleep a lot of the time. Yeah unfortunately they don't like you to have oramorph at home. Last year when I ended up in casualty with a really bad period they wrote to my GP and said to let me keep oramorph at home for when it got that bad. I was prescribed 3 bottles so I've kept it. Thd hospital said yesterday I'd need to stay in really if having oramorph still but I told them I had it at home and why and that I was sensible with it so they agreed. They wouldn't have let me have it otherwise. Codeine based ones are horrible hun I would ring and ask for Tramadol.xx

  • Yeah that's all I seem to be doing codeine and sleep. Tramadol makes me sick which is a bummer as a lot of people are saying its good. At least the sun is out today, just have to grit my teeth xx

  • Oh no that's a shame you can't have Tramadol. Yes it's lovely to see the sun shining out the window. A bit of sun always helps you feel good.xx

  • I'm in London Hun. My bowels started working after 1week hang in there ul be fine. My thoughts r with u where about do u live?? Xxx

  • Im in Plymouth down in Devon. Fingers crossed it'll all kick back in soon then.xx

  • I am allergic to tramadol, I was given oramorph at home no problem, after my op I had major probs with my bladder in a lot of pain, gp had no problem giving me oramorph. No other pain relief helped.

  • Yeah some doctors are fine giving it out and others don't seem to be! Not sure why. I couldn't be without the stuff at the minute.xx

  • Awww Devon sounds lovely!! I think my bladder is playing up today I'm going nearly every hour

  • Oh no hope it settles soon. I just don't have any feeling of when to go so I'm just emptying my catheter every 2-3 hours.xx

  • Thanks Hun I'm scared as I don't want another catheter! Il see how I feel or else il have to go to my local A&E I had my surgery in central London hospital, which is quite far from where I live. I'm worried if I go to my local will they understand wots going on xxx

  • Fingers crossed you'll be ok then but def get yourself to A&E if you don't feel right. Take your hospital discharge docs with you so they know what you had done.xx

  • Thanks Hun Iv just called out of hours doctors and I'm waiting to be seen with a urine sample or I hate this feeling xx

  • Aww best to get checked. Message me later to let me know how you get on.xx

  • Just got back and Iv got an infection again

  • Oh no hun that's not what you need. They give you anti biotics. I think because of the catheter we are higher risk of infection. I've just woken up (2:30am) really hot and tummy discomfort. I don't know if I'd know If I had an Infection or not with this catheter in. I hope it clears up quick for you.xxx

  • I'm glad you made it home :) xxxx

  • Cheers hun.xx

  • Thanks Hun, keep an eye on ur urine colour and smell, if it's darker then tell ur GP to dip stick to check. Drink plenty of water, I'm doing the same! Xxx

  • Yeah that's the thing hun my wee has been cloudy and not had a nice smell for days but they checked it loads in the hospital and said fine no infection. Been checking my temp so if that goes up I'll make sure I get it checked. Back in mon so they'll check again then too.

    Yep on the water, never drank so much in my life. Hope you are feeling a bit better today.xx

  • Awwww hang in there Hun all the most for Monday xxx

  • Lol meant to say all the best for Monday and thanks Hun xxx

  • I'm pleased your op went well. I hope your bladder starts functioning normally soon and you won't need the catheter anymore. Good luck for Monday, Cat xx

  • Thank you.xx

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