How long op after pre op, in staffs?

Got my pre op app. First one on 27th October.

How long approx will op be afterwards?

Doing my mum a supra birthday party that's costing me over 300 quid on 20th November, for been so supportive . so will it clash?

gutted if so. I know op is more important just would of loved to attend her do thats costing a lot of pennies

thanks in advance

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  • My pre op is 5th nov, original surgery date was 24th nov, surgeon has put it back to 8th December now cos she is on holiday, good luck x

  • i too am under uhnm and am due a lap. last time i had preop on day of consultatiom but it was too late this time. how long did u wait for your pre op? x

  • I was told it had to be within three months or blood tests etc are not valid after that

  • thank you for your replys. I waited 8 weeks exactly for pre op letter.


  • is good to know thanks. i know im gonna end up checking the mail everyday otherwise. hope your surgery goes well x

  • Yes I did that and was fed up. Now I have pre op but it's a telephone one?

    how odd, never heard of a phone as before.


  • didnt know they did telephone ones. not sure how they will check your blood pressure and do mrsa test etc.

  • letter says to book a walk in app at North staff's or Haywood within 5 days after call. weird eh xx

  • maybe they will go through your medical history over the phone to save time when u go in. hope it all goes well for u x

  • I had a pre-op in January and had my surgery in August last year. So it was just over 7 months for me! Just depends how busy the waiting list is and if your are a priority or not!

  • Last year I had my pre op then 2 or 3 days later had my surgery! This time they told me it will be no more than 3 months!

    Hope you get your date soon.

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