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Pre-op assessment

Hi ladies

I was just wondering how long after having the pre-op assessment did it take to have your laparoscopy? I'm with a different hospital for this lap and so far they've only given me a date for my pre-op and not my surgery. The last hospital I was with did this the other way round - they gave me the op date first, then the pre-op date. I've asked the hospital if they could give me a date for my surgery and they said no, it depends on waiting lists.... Helpful! :-/ It can't be more than a few weeks can it?

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I had a laparoscopy 9 Sept 13. Had pre-op a few weeks before (22nd Aug?) as I was on holiday prior to that when they originally wanted me to go for pre-op. I am under the NHS but was sent to a private hospital so maybe that made a difference. I doubt it'd be too long between as the information they ask you could change quite a lot if they left it for a long time? Sorry if not much help. Just keep asking - someone must know??


Thank you for replying Iona, no actually that does help :-) That's what I was thinking to be honest, I mean my pre-op is straight after Christmas!! I'll have eaten a ton of chocolate so I'll be too embarrassed to jump on the scales! Lol


Suggestion - keep off the chockies and stash them till after the op- so you really can treat yourself when all is done and dusted.;-)


:-D haha I'll try, but if all else fails I'll just close my eyes when I get on the scales!


Hiya - when I had my pre-op a month before my lap, I was told that there is a 6-week limit before all your tests expire (the swabs and blood tests etc), so I would imagine you'll get your date through fairly soon.

Mine was straight after I'd got back from holiday so I had the same issue with the scales, haha!


Thanks MrsPanda, I didn't know that - that helps put my mind at rest :-)


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