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Belly button oozing 5 years post surgery

Hi there,

First time writing here but hoping for some help! I had my first laparoscopy 5 years go looking for endo but said they found nothing. Since the op however I have had oozing from my belly button, the belly button goes slightly swollen and red and sore and (sorry to be graphic) but has a smelly discharge. I have had swabs and ultrasounds and it shows no infections, I'm lost as to what it could be. I'm now back in and out of hospital as my abdomen pains have been getting worse despite being on the pill for pain and my CA markers are creeping up, plus in the recent year have started bleeding from 'the back' during my period. It's really bugging me not knowing about the belly button so if anyone has any info that could help that would be amazing!

Sorry for the rambling message just had a hospital appointment today which made me feel worse!

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I'm not sure if this will help but when I first went on my BC pill I got hizes and one got really big and it started oozing (sorry tmi) I took a bath with a cup of Epsom salts for 3 days and it got it to scan over after.

You could also have a yeast infection, they don't usually test for it since it's naturally present. In that case 1/2 a cup of vinegar in a bath with Epsom salts.

Try to limit the amount of moisture it comes in contact with and purchase an antifungal cream like canestean and put it on there.

Xx :)


Hi JessAH,

I had the same experience about 6months ago. I had noticed that after my lap, there was a a stitch that wasn't melting and felt 'too tight' especially when I lifted my arms. My surgery was in 2013 so I got used to it and eventually skin covered the stitch. I guess you can say I busted my stitch out of nowhere. My doctor wasn't worried as I kept disinfecting it and it eventually healed. However, I had multiple navel piercings before my surgery and they managed to stitch them up (without my consent) during. If you've ever had a piercing and removed it you know there's a 'puss' that excretes during the healing process and then skin follows. Sounds like this may be happening to the incision, the biggest risk is infection but is quite low if you keep it clean and try not to aggravate it while washing. Patting it dry instead of rubbing. Abscess' can form and be painful, I would check with my doctor or chemist but here (in Canada) I use rose water from the health food shop and it really makes a difference. Sorry for the monologue; I hope it helps a bit?



That sure sounds like an infection.


Hi all thanks for the response. I honestly agree with you that it sounds like infection but the hospital have run all the rest and have found no infection at all in the belly button or under it. It's seriously frustrating as it starts a few days before my period it flares up then dies down again then when my period starts it gets worse. I would think that post lap that the had put some of the endo tissue in my belly button but then it's not blood it's more a light brown colour. So sick of not getting any answers from doctors and just left in limbo.





It's possible that it's endo tissue, blood oxidizes and turns brown and there's only so much blood, mixed with the sweat (sorry) from you belly button. It would make sense to me.


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