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Post op belly button pain

Hi everyone

I had my laparoscopy 6 and a half weeks ago. I had a infection in my belly button the first week which doc treated with antibiotics and it healed up fine but I've noticed the last 3 days my belly button is really red and now started to go a bit black/purple and is really sore from the slightest touch. If I turn over in bed it's like a million needles are being shoved into my belly button.

It looked like it had healed up fine and nearly 7 weeks post op but could it still get infected or just part of recovery? I didn't have this with my last laparoscopy

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Hi hun.

I think you should have it checked out you could have a bit of a infection inside .

I'm 6 weeks post laparoscopy and mine has really healed up very well it certainly doesn't hurt to touch now I barely notice it?

I would make a appointment just for your peace of mind

Sending you hugs hun hope it settles for you soon xxx


Thanks hun. My aunt came for her tea last night and she also said it didn't look right.

Thought it had healed up fine until 3 days ago. There are little lumps underneath the skin around the belly button too. Feel like a hypochondriac lol always something wrong.

Hope you are ok sweetie xx


No hun.

You aren't hydochondriac it sounds really painful from what you are describing. I would definately get a appointment and have it checked.

I'm ok thank you i had a few rough days but feel a bit better today.

I hope they sort it for you hun,let me know how you get on xx


I've got a appointment on Tuesday morning with my gp so I'll get him to check It out. No doubt it'll mean even more meds to keep me feeling high as a kite.

Ohhh you not been feeling to good hun? I had family round for tea last night and hadn't slept a wink for 38 hours, felt like a zombie Xx


Yes I'm sure that you will i had medication as much as it helps with the pain I hate how it makes me feel.

No ended up at GPS as i had awful bowel pain it's was really inflamed which she though was down to medication she gave me some antispasmodic pill and they have helped a bit I felt like I was in labour, so many side effect of painkillers.

Oh hun sorry to hear that you aren't sleeping it's awful when you don't sleep and are in pain, I hope you get some sleep and they sort you belly button out xxx



I had the same thing! I went back to the doctors so the nurse could swab it and she found one of my dissolvable stitches was still in there and hadn't worked its way out properly. This could have happened to you, try and go back to see your gp. Good luck xx


I wondered about the dissolvable stitches. I can't see them but it could be that. Did you have any discharge or anything? Mine is clear no pus or discharge just red, swollen, sore to touch and going purple. How did they remove the stitches hun? I can hardly touch it without it feeling really sore so not sure how they'd remove them if that's what it is.

I'm seeing doctor anyway on Tuesday so I'll let him check it out

Thanks for reply xx


My dissolvable stitches were what cause my infection the wound was trying to heal and the stitches was stopping it caused me a lot of pain like you are describing I say the nurse and she took it with tweezers It didn't hurt it was a relief to have it out and it seemed to heal better after that x


Oh god I'm scared now I've just had a shower and even the water just dropping on my skin was agony I had to get out the shower so god knows how ill cope if they need to take the stitches out. I can't see any stitches in my belly though but a blister has appeared under the skin now xx


Oh hun that doesn't sound right for it to be like that.

Don't panic you will be fine I'm sure they will sort it out for you hun.

I would take it easy until you get to the doctors xx


I couldn't see them either chick, they were right in there! Yes i was having the same, it was weeping with clear liquid/puss. It was very sore to touch and it hurt for a while after. I went back to the nurse after a course of antibiotics and she managed to get them out with a really small tweezer. Oh good! Hopefully get it sorted then hun xxx


Ah thanks sweetie. I've just noticed the blister is now filling with yellow/green ish coloured stuff so it must be infected. Yuk. Hopefully if it is the stitches it won't hurt so much after antibiotics thanks for reply hun xx


Can you ask to see the nurse at your GP surgery tomorrow? It sounds so painful, I wouldn't wait until Tuesday - if it's infected, they could start you on antibiotics tomorrow.


Good idea hun I'll ring in morning see if the nurse can see me. The blister is growing more and more and doesn't look very nice now. Didn't think it would get infected 6 and a bit weeks post op it looked all healed up....Not anymore yuk. I'm no good with stuff like this not even on myself xx


It is unusual later on - I have read of it with the retained stitches and also a pocket of blood forming under the incision (can't remember medical term).

Hope you can get seen tomorrow. Let us know how you get on! Xx


Hi hun

It was infected yuk. All clearing up now though. Don't think the stitches were stuck in my belly button, me and doc couldn't see any anyway xx


Aww bless ya! That's horrid to happen twice.

When I had infections (was on antibiotics) in mine I used this:


It really helped - it's antibacterial and is reported to speed up healing. Some hospitals use it. It stings a bit and is sticky so I used a dressing over the incisions at the beginning. Then took it off and let the shower water flow down the incision when I had a wash (then let it air dry as much as poss and applied more).

Might be worth a try.


Oh thanks for that hun defo worth a try I'll order some now. Thanks for that. This is third infection in 6 and a half weeks so I'll give anything a try. I never had this with my first lap don't know what's going on. Thanks hun xx


Oh my gosh I didn't realise it was three times! That's even more crazy.

Yeah definitely worth a try. Perhaps you are a little run down after winter and the stress of surgery (anaesthetic and pain relief drugs).For skin healing - zinc and vitamin D are important (some of us have low levels... Your GP could test you for both of those). For fighting off infections vitamin C and vitamin A are important (NHS don't usually test these).


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