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I had my laparoscopy last Friday, and had my first visit to the doctors today.

This having gone on 10 months so far, my doctors have not recieved anything from the hospital, so I've just been prescribed more painkillers, and told to come back in 3 weeks when they will have recieved my details and results from the hospital. Since the op, its just increased the pain I was in, and still nothing is any further forward and I'm not just having to just sit around and wait some more. Its pretty frustrating, and horrible.

My doc also took off my original dressing over my belly button. I hadn't even thought about how it might change how it looked - at all! All I thought about was what the scars would be like, and now I don't know why I didn't. It doesn't even look like a belly button at the minute, and just looks really odd - I'm so worried now that it won't return back to looking normal??! :/

Thanks xx

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  • Hi Mia i was the same. Really didn't like my belly button but it's amazing how quickly you get used to it. I don't even think about it anymore. Hope your recovery goes well.

  • Thank you.

    Did your's go back to normal or stay how it is now? x

  • No but it's actually better as before it would get all gunky but now it doesn't . I've just got used to it I suppose. It's better than my scar from hysterectomy which is about 10cm long . Now that one I really don't like.

  • Awww fair enough :) I was fine with mine before though, and I've not had anything else done to it or anything, just this, so I'm really conscious about it already :(

  • Hiya hun,

    I remember my first laparoscopy, when they took my dressing off and I saw my belly button I cried. I like you didn't think my belly button would look much different, it's now gone back to normal, well whatever normal is after 3 laparoscopies through it😂😂 I still have an inny belly button, just looks a little different to before surgery xxx

  • Thanks, so yours did just go back to normal? I'd not wanted to even move the dressing because I was more concerned about scars, I think (not even sure now!) that I had an inny, but now it doesn't even look like a bellybutton at the moment! It sort of looks like something is just going into it, and there is no just circle bellybutton now...I've just put another dressing over it :(

  • Yeah it just went back to normal hun :) mine reminded me of a new born baby's belly button haha😂 looks like a swollen outy belly button, It will go down hunni xxx

  • Thank you :) x Just been the first time I've looked at it, it think it freaked me out.

    Oh my god as well, I carried two bags of shopping home, and literally cried from the pain I was in! Its been almost a week, shouldn't I be back to normal by now? Well, how I was before the op? xx

  • I was exactly the same, it's just the swelling hunni, it will go down eventually & no! Not at all! People think laparoscopy is a little surgery with a small recovery time, don't push yourself too much hun, you need plenty of time to heal! I was stuck I'm bed for about 3-4 days after mine, just listen to your body hun and make sure you get some rest, is it a diagnostic lap you had?xxx

  • I've only been out of the house for a few hours yesterday and today for an appointment and some shopping since my operation, I've been resting as much as I can.

    Err, I think so? Diagnostic as in to have a look at things?They were looking to see if I had endometriosis, well, they thought they were going to find that, treat that, remove cysts, and possibly separate organs that may have been stuck together, and they found nothing at all xx

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