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Is my belly button supposed to look like this?

Is my belly button supposed to look like this?

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me as after my lap (15th June) my belly button seems so have 'split' or I have two now for some reason?

I've added a photo but it's not very clear.

The smaller dot is from a belly piercing that I cannot put back in and as you can see I have a second belly button hole!! The skin in between the two holes is a pink colour and feels like a small ball?

Help please!

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Hi hun.

Is it causing you pain? Do you have a follow up soon with you consultant?

If it's bothering you hun. Why not make a appointment with you Dr so they can have a look I'm sure they will know.

Hope you get it sorted soon hun xx


Thank you! Yes it's in the 22nd! Can't wait got so many questions! No not really unless I push hard against it! Just wondered if they hadn't stitched enough up or something!


Lap scars can heal up a bit funny, mine took a few months to start looking normal but even now my belly button is smaller than it was. For a while mine looked all raised and horrible. That second hole may heal as the new tissue is pushed upwards, the tissue re-inflates almost. My friend had that happen with her lap, she had a massive dent and it filled out. If there is a problem the doctor will tell you so try not to worry. xx


Thank you!


Is the stitch still in there?

Mine looked rather odd and bumpy until I took my stitch out and it went into a very flat neat line. Even had comments from my doctors to say how neat my scar is now. Try not to worry too much if it's not causing you pain. Sometimes they have an odd healing process.

Wish you lots of luck!

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