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Post op belly button stitches


Hello everyone sorry if this is gross.

I had my lap on 8th August. They said I could remove my incision plasters after 48hrs which I have done and this (see image) is what I have discovered in my belly button. It is very uncomfortable, I cannot get comfy lying down at all it feels like someone is constantly pinching it. Should I go to the walk in?

Sorry for being gross!

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Sorry the sensation is the tight stitches and everything settling down. If you think about what they did to you it is very traumatic to the body and will take 6+ weeks to settle. The wound looks normal to me and the bruising is about right. If your still worried Monday see your practice nurse. But I would take regular Paracetamol and if your really uncomfortable Ibrufen.

Best wishes

Mine was like that too. It does feel uncomfortable when you first take the dressings off. Hope you feel better soon!

Looks ok to me and just how mine did in July. The stitches are a bitch when they start to tighten and I had to adjust how I moved off the bed or sofa to avoid the sharpness. They took a while to disappear too but unless you’re getting a temperature and they’re looking red and nasty you should be ok 👍 keep taking paracetamol x

Char998 in reply to Kenny75

Thank you for the reply! I just really didn’t expect this to be one of the most painful parts of the op 😂 I was prepared for gas pain etc but not these stupid stitches! X

It will do, one the stitches dissolve it’ll feel much better xx

I just had my lap yesterday and can’t remember when they said I could take off my plasters. Is 48 hours what you had suggested to you?

Char998 in reply to Jhedwards

Yeah 48hrs x

Jhedwards in reply to Char998

Thanks x

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