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Hysteroscopy,Polypectomy and Mirena Insertion

Hello, I started having problems in my lower abdomen in April and I visited the gynecologist and she suspected endometriosis since my periods were pretty heavy and painful. She referred me to a specialist and she discovered that I had a polyp in uterus. On Tuesday morning I went in for hysteroscopy polypectomy and mirena insertion. This was a day before my period. I bled for a few hours after the surgery then it stopped. My period is a day late now. Is it because of the mirena coil? When will I have a normal period

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My daughter bled at first then by the fourth month no more periods.

She still gets some residual pain but nothing like what she went thru.

We had discussed ablation of the lining but her dr was not for that instead she said she had seen good results with the coil

One more interesting thing.

She found out she had endo around 22

At the age of 28 she got pg by accident .

She had been pg years before and lost it.

She was no way going to not have 'this baby .

She knew it might be her only chance

Thank god for that miracle baby I think she even saved my life and hers .

It was the last thing on my mind that she was singe i was so happy to have a grand child coming


twice since the birth of her daughter she has been a surrogate for two couples .

She conceived pretty quickly actually

That was proof to me that IVF can work with endo


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