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Pain After Mirena Insertion

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Hello All

I had a Mirena inserted at the same time I had fibroids and cysts removed, a curette, cervical biopsy and endometriosis cauterised.

I was told to get the Mirena inserted as this will alleviate all pain and heavy bleeding.

After three weeks I am still bleeding and sometimes passing blod clots the size of golf balls.

My gyno - who I am still yet to see after my surgery - told me over the phone that this is the Mirena starting to work and not to worry.

Does this sound normal to anyone else?

Shall I get it removed?

8 Replies
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hi I bleed for 5 and half months on and off and was in pain everyday after having mine put in . I did not have clots of blood . sorry but if the coil is in the right place surly clots can not get through . I had mine removed 3 weeks ago as could not stand it any longer and had lots of clots through out the following week . they did not want to remove it and said I had to give it 6 months I did leave it in for another week but as they have agreed to do hysterectomy I got it taken out

hope you start to feel better soon xxx

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I had my first lap four weeks ago now and I'm having exactly the same issues. I've been lucky enough to already see my gyno and my GP and I've been assured by both that it's completely normal.

Apparently it takes two or three months for things to level out and until then, your periods will be all over the place.

I was prescribed tranexamic acid pills that not only combat pain but help stem the blood flow. I would suggest you get an appointment with your GP and ask about whether they can help you or not.

Until then, I've found eating loads of cabbage and spinach helps me with the light headed ness.

Good luck!

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Hi it's 3 and half weeks since I had my mirena fitted (not during surgery) but it was recommended to me by consultant after my lap in July. I have bleed everyday, wouldn't call it spotting and it's worse these last few days and thanks to my app on my phone I think this may actually be a period at the mo. I had horrible pains the first week of fitting. I was given the official mirena leaflet when I had it fitted which says if you bleed heavier than normal, have pains that stop you from doing normal activities, vaginal discharge that's smells to go and see a GP.

I'm going for my 4 week check up next week, I'm sure I'll just be told this bleeding is normals for the first few months... Its doing my head in wearing pads all the time, worried to use tampons incase the thread gets caught! X

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I had one fitted in May. I bleed loads for the 1st few mths with spotting lasting wks. I knew I was going to keep it in until the new year as I was advised it takes 3-6mths to settle. I'm glad I have as it's much better now. We don't have many choices for help with our pain, so I'd advise you to be persistent. Give it several mths to settle. If it doesn't then have it out, that way you can't say u haven't tried it.

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I had mine inserted earlier in the year. It took a while to settle down, but I am now realitively pain free 80% of the time. Try keep it in for 6 months then you know you gave it a shot and it didn't work for you.

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As I read your post what worried me was the amount of bleeding you were experiencing. Do you trust your gyno? Is there another gyno you could get an opinion from? After an operation my GP said that evidently cycles can be re-triggered and pain increase for a while (mine definitely did after my lap and my first period was excrutiating), but eventually (after a few months) my periods stopped completely and I think the merina must be why. Maybe someone on here has had big clots too cos otherwise you only have the gynaecologist's word to go on. Good luck finding the answer you need.

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I had my Mirena inserted nearly 5 years ago.

It was very painful at the time and my blood pressure went down, etc, so doctors weren't sure I should keep it in. After a few hours my blood pressure went back to normal, so they decided to give it a go and let me go home.

I remember it was still painful for several weeks and my bleeding was very irregular.

But now I hardly ever feel it anymore and my period are less frequent and less strong (although they still drag on for ages).

I am now actually worried about having to have it taken out in January as I still haven't recovered psychologically from the experience and know that I won't want to have another one implanted then...

So, although I would never advise anyone to have it inserted, now that you have already gone through the trauma of having it inserted and several months of pain, if you can bare the pain for a bit longer it will be worth it as you will be in "peace" for several years.

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Normal I had Mirena coil fitted 25 Oct And been bleeding since I had it due to hrt not working Had cramps for day or two. Me period is much lighter I’m hoping it stops altogether

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