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Mirena advice

Hello lovely ladies.

I have stage 3/4 Endo, adhesions. (Bowel stuck to uterus and ovary) Adenoymosis and PCOS.

After a MRI scan my hospital doctor suggested that I try the Mirena for a 3rd time. First time it fell out with a heavy period and the second time it was removed after 15 months due to pelvic pain and emotional problems (which I now think were unrelated to the mirena).

I had my mirena fitted yesterday at my drs surgery. For me it was very painful but at least it was over quickly.

Can I ask you about the bleeding you had after you the mirena put in? I've not had any bleeding since having it put in and I was just wondering when you started to bleed (or spot) with the mirena and when it stopped?

I'm hoping that it will make my torrential periods much lighter or disappear altogether.

Have you had any other side effects?


Barbara x

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Hi cuddlybarb. I had my mirena inserted about 3 months ago and was expecting a lot of spotting and had stocked up on sanitary towels! I've only had one period since being on it and it was so light I barely noticed it. I wish if had it years ago as I now seem to be period (and spotting free). Yippee


Hi I had one fitted 6 weeks ago I have all of what you have got, I have never had one before myself I feel ok, but I have experienced a lot of pain in pelvis on it and a bloated belly! I have had swabs etc to check for infection all clear. I am convinced its the coil as I have read so many negatives with it. I have experinced headaches, aching back, leg pain etc with it. I am going to give it the 6 months though at least they cant say I have not tried it. I had a lot of that hormone before via the pill so I think my body is use tot he hormone it releases. I have had 1 period so far which was very painful - but I am hoping that was my body healing after the surgery. I have had spotting for last 3-4 day. My consultant called it the new hysterectomy! I hope so as I am only 28 but suffered with this condition since 11. My GP has sent me for another scan to see if it shows anything as I was told the coil can cause cysts which I had 2 drained in surgery I am hoping that the pain is not endo related that it has all come back so soon, so back to the waiting game now. I realy hope it works for you stick with it as I have read positive results I am remianing positive thats for sure :)


Yes I agree about giving it six months.

I was expecting to bleed after I had it put in, but I haven't had anything so far!

Can I ask you what surgery you had?



I had to have bowel removed form womb and ovary ahesions dealt with d&c endo removed from cervix and 2 large endometrioma drained one on ovary and one on womb they put the coil in hoping it would stop it from spreading I had 4 contraceptive pills a day before surgery


You've been through a lot. I hope you are beginning to feel better.

I wasn't offered any other treatment other than the mirena. I have to go back in four months. So my fingers are crossed that it helps.



Im back in May to see consultant to I think they will make a decison what to do then they said however Im sure a cure wont be found by then! If I had one wish in life a cure for endo would be one of them :)


I still have some pain from endo as I think it came back between the lap and getting the mirena fitted ( had to wait 8 months as I was on warfarin due to dvt after surgery) but can cope with these niggles and not having periods every month is helping so much. I don't have any other side effects from the mirena either. I'll admit I was apprehensive about getting it as I had read so many horror stories but it really does pay to give these things a try. I know I'll need another lap in the future but hopefully the mirena will postpone it as long as possible. Hope it works for you x


Hi, I've had mine in for 9 days and only had light spotting! My period that was due has not arrived either. The pain on the other hand is just excruitating! Back to the consultant in 6 months so fingers crossed it settles.

Emma x


Hi Barbara. I had the merina fitted last monday to hopefully sort my heavy bleeding. I had no pain or cramps for first few days just headache...then I started to bleed and then came the cramps which were quite bad ...hot water bottle job as I had dragging pain down the top of my legs too!! Bleeding not heavy and now all easing off. :) x


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