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Mirena and ovulation?


I had a mirena fitted during lap a few monthe ago. I am currently having my third period since and am still really suffering with pain. The bleeding has lessened but the pain certainly hasn't and I am still getting all the pain during ovulation etc. I went to the GP last week for a coil check and asked her about it and she said the mirena wont stop ovulation !! I was under the impression it should stop everything. I know it can take upto 5 or 6 months so she said to go back then if Im still getting the pain. Does anyone know if this is right? Will I still continue to ovulate every month and will it still be as painful? Not sure why they bothered with this coil if that's the case.

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I'm not sure with regards to the coil stopping ovulation but I saw a specialist endo surgeon who basically said he wasn't so bothered about the bleeding it was more important to inhibit ovulation.

Have you tried cerazette/cerelle as I know that's suppose to stop ovulation and bleeding. I'm currently trying it and believe it has stopped me ovulating but I've had terrible problems with bleeding but I'm going to give it 6 months as do believe you have to give these treatments good time to work however frustrating it can be. I also still get a lot of pain and tie can be quite confusing as to where I am in my cycle. Good luck and hope things start to improve for you nikki x

thank you that's exactly what I thought. Its the ovulation causing the pain! I will look into that after giving this thing a couple more months, thank you x

Hi Karrijon,

For some lucky ladies yes the mirena will stop ovulation but it didn't for me and like you my main problem is around ovulation rather then the bleeding side of things. Give the cerazette a try I personally can't take it but have heard good things about it, in fact I am waiting for a hysterectomy as I have run out of options and I can't carry on with this pain every month. Good luck :-)


No, it only stops ovulation in a few women.

Here's some information


Best wishes.


karrijon in reply to Hidden

thank you x

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