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Hi guys

In your experience how long does it take the mirena to settle in?

I had a lap on Monday - just diagnostic, and I have a fibroid in my uterine wall that they couldn't remove then and there. They inserted the mirena as I had previously been on the pill.

Since that, I've had very bad cramping, as if on a very painful period, which I'm gutted about as I was just settling down with the pill but the doctor was DESPERATE for me to have a mirena fitted so I did!

Is this normal? Should I get it taken out? I can't handle the pain! X

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It doesn't sound like you have read the patient advice leaflet on the mirena.

mirena.com/ is the website with FAQ section which is detailed and should answer all your mirena questions.

The settling in varies in each of us.

Mine took 5 months to stop my periods completely, I was on zoladex for 4 of the months which was complete hell, but once mirena was working I don't feel it at all,and no periods, no cramps, no PMT.

I am now 3 years since it went in, two to go and will certainly be getting it replaced when the time comes. Wish to goodness it had been invented in my teens - my life would hve been so different.

Best thing I have ever tried. I highly recommend it. Once it gets to work it is life changing.


Hi they do say it can take up to a year to settle had mine put in in April still have cramping and spotting everyday :( doctor has now put me on mini pill to help with I have been on for 3 weeks and am still bleeding .not sure how long they take to work. Really feed up with it now just want it out not sure I can take much more .

But I have heard good story's as well :(


I pretty much agree with Impatient. Mine took a few months to settle, but - for me - that was not too bad as it was only ever as bad as my (increasingly longer and more painful) perimenopausal periods had been.

My endo had only ever been bad period pains, mainly controlled by the pill for most of my fertile life. It all got worse post-50 when I was told to stop the pill. By about 4 months with the mirena, things were much calmer, and for the last 4+ years I have been utterly pain-free. I've had a couple of checks and ultrasound scans when I've had unexpected bleeding, and during that time a small fibroid I had ahs shrink to almost nothing.

My only fear now is that they will not replace it when my 5 years is up, as I'm pretty sure I must be menopausal now: nearly 59 and having hot flushes for over 2 years - although the last time my oestrogen was checked (2.5 yrs ago?) it was still pretty high. I think the progesterone stuff in the mirena cured all my joint aches (please someone tell me if I'm talking rubbish) and I'm dreading all the endo pain, and the joint pain coming back if the mirena is removed, with no replacement given.


Just be patient and wait to get settled in. Take pain medication for now. When I first had it, I had many cramps as well but as time goes by it kicks in and stop the pain. I LOVE MIRENA BEST THING EVER HAPPENED TO MY LIFE, I DONT MISSED WORK ANYMORE AND MY SEX LIFE IS BETTER. I'm 40

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It does take a while to settle it's your body adjusting to the hormone. I had one fitted 5 weeks ago and I still get a small amount of spotting evey day. The cramping usually settles after a day or 2. Don't have it removed yet you could regret it. Best of luck to you x


Don't get it removed!! :-) Mine took 6 months to settle and it was definitely worth he wait. Even though it hasn't stopped my periods completely, it's slowed them down and I now have a much lower amount of blood loss which is a big help.

I think the key thing is to take painkillers beforeeeee you get your pain, otherwise they're only trying to catch up after you're already getting cramps. Try to build up your medication in your system. I take Cuprofen Max (available over the counter in the UK) which really helps, can also take plain paracetamol to give it an extra boost if necessary and I also take some codine if it's a really bad session (but only take codine if you're having a day in bed, I don't rec driving as it makes you incredibly drowsy).

If you can, then I'd highly rec getting some Cuprofen Max and seeing how you get on. Hope this helps!

All the best, SM x


Mine never "settled". Although my period became much lighter, I had excruciating cramps from Mirena that far exceeded the pain from my endo from before the Mirena fitting. Pain killers hardly helped for that stabbing kind of pain and I hated having to rely on pain killers just to get by - I felt like Mirena was turning me into a junkie. I finally had my Mirena taken out after 5 months, and the cramping disappeared. I now take the pill continuously and it doesn't cause me any pain and spotting is not as bad as with Mirena. Mirena works for some people, but turns other people's lives into a living hell. I am still angry that my doctor never warned me about possible side effects from what I came to call a medieval torture instrument. Good luck!


I have met women who love the mirena. Mine never settled I gave it a good shot taking ibuprofen 3x day and seeing if a smooth muscle relaxant would settle it after 3 mnths I was still getting pain which stopped me from doing anything, try getting some buscopan from your doctore with ibuprofen and see if it helps first before you go for removal. The moment it was out I felt better. do give it a good chance I'm gutted it didn't work for me as I can't take any hormones orally .


They say it can take 6 months to a year to settle down. I had mine in 7 weeks on Monday past and couldn't bare it any more and got it removed. It seemed my usual pain which was bad enough was heightened and I had bled for the 7 weeks as well. Was trying to keep it for as long as I could but it was too much. Everyone is so individual though. You have to go by what is best for you.x


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