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Mirena fitting

I had the mirena coil fitted at 8am today. I found this significantly painful (bit the pillow to refrain from screaming). I had a copper coil fitted almost 7 years ago and although it wasn't comfortable and left me a bit crampy I was pretty much ok. However with the coil today it was very painful at the time and remains very painful now, despite having taken tapentadol and mefenemic acid. Just wondering if others had experienced this because id been told I shouldn't need much more than paracetamol and ibuprofen and it should calm not long after insertion.

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Bless you, did someone who had never had it fitted tell you that?!

It can be very, very painful on insertion for sure. I always ask for numbing gel & diazepam now as well as co codamol, ibuprofen etc.

The time I had a removal of one (after the 5yrs was up) then another reinserted straight away was SO tough. Bled masses, huge blood clots, pain, thought something had gone wrong but was reassured (eventually) this was normal & expected. Wish I had planned longer off work cos I needed that day (Friday) & the weekend & tbh the Monday to recover.

However, saying all that, is was so worth it for me, I had hardly any bleeding in 10 years, pain was much better managed if & when came.

Have a quiet weekend resting, lots of hot water bottles & nice things to make you feel better :)



thankyou. At the moment I think my bleeding is actually not too bad which is something its just the pain and nausea that's getting me. Haha yer I wonder it was the gp and nurse that said that although my friend said hers wasn't painful at all. It was only by fluke that I ended up taking today off, I was originally going to go straight on to work!!! So glad that didn't happen. That's what I'm hopeful of that this will help me, its the only option I have other than pain relief to help me so fingers crossed. Glad you've had a good ten years with it! X


I've had mirena fitted at beginning of May, GP was pretty much certain the fitted would be difficult and advised me to take strongest pain relief about half hour before. Pain was horrible seemed to settle the next day then a few days later I was in a&e and signed off work because of the pain. Don't push yourself over the next few days and rest. Also be aware that it can take up to 6 months to settle, I've still got mine in in the hope my pain will all suddenly go! Be aware that everyone is different though and if you get concerned or pain becomes unbearable head to doctors or a&e. Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear but like I said its different for everyone, fingers crossed your pain will settle soon but best to be prepared. Emotionally I was a mess when the pain got really bad as I was convinced it would work wonders, try not to get hopes up and take each day as it comes.

Really hope it settles for you quickly!


actually I think I kind of wanted to hear that the pain was bad for others, cos on other write ups I'd read that people felt a pinch during insertion and then just mild cramping so I felt like my pain was ott. I dont want to ginx myself but I've woken up feeling significantly better so I'm hopeful that I wont be as bad as yesterday again. Just need to tie myself to a chair to stop from cleaning! I was told maybe three months before things would settle so I doubled that in my mind lol. Thankyou for replying x


That's okay glad it's helped you. Yes I think one of my problems was going to work the next day cos I felt good then the day after the pain was becoming unbearable at times. It's hard to hear all the success stories and feel so different but mine is settling, has become bearable now thankfully but still worse than before it was fitted only 2 months in, promised myself I would make it to the 6 months before deciding to get it removed! X


oh you poor thing. I hope it does settle properly. Its my last resort so I'm trying not to think about a fail xx


Good luck with yours. Some people get massive benefits out of them so you have to try.

I had one in 2011 but it was very painful and difficult to insert - I bled constantly and pain just got worse and worse so they took it out after 4 months.

I had another one put in last year during laparoscopy (thank goodness) but again I have nearly constant bleeding or spotting and cramping that hardly goes - really horrible today! It's virtually killed my sex life, my poor partner is so patient! I've had it for 9 months now - am waiting for referral back to my gynae team to discuss!


its so trial and error isn't it! Everytime I think its starting to settle I hang out washing or something and the throbbing starts. I was up every hour in the night but obviously its still only early days. A friend of mine had one fitted day before me and shes ok 👌. I hope that things work out for you and they can find something suitable xx

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Thanks, take care! xx


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