Mirena coil issue's !?

I had the mirena coil fitted about a month ago and I have been spotting since fitting. I finally came on yesterday but now I'm so heavy I'm having to change my pads every half hour to an hour and the cramps and so painful. I just wondered if anyone else had this problem with it ? Also if I'm still heavily on then surely it won't be helping with my endo ? Any thoughts will be much appreciated !! XX

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  • I think the cramps where my body rejecting the coil, I was just having a shower and it fell out. Not sure what to do now though.

  • i was about to give you my story with my mirena but i'll save it for now lol, but maybe contact wherever and whoever fitted it - i was given norethisterone to postpone my first bleed - but a short version of my experience, it has been nothing but trouble to me, but it has lightened my periods slightly but i still bleed more than i don't, i never have a day without spotting when not bleeding, the pain increased so it never helped with that at all and it made my whole cycle more erattic than it already was xxx

  • Hi there i have tried two merina's both for around 8 months . The first gave me nothing but trouble and didn't really help with the pain. The reason I tried a second was just to make sure it was the merina causing the problems and not just my endo symptoms. I know some ladies the merina works brilliantly but you must now A. Make sure the merina has not moved you should have had a check up booked with your Doc anyway to check this after 4-6weeks. B. if its ok then try and see if it will settle this could take 3-6months it could be your answer but they don't work for everyone. The gynae I am seeing at the moment said they tend to work better fror stage 1-2 endometriosis cases.

  • i'm geting a marina fitted when i av my 3rd laproscopy, i'm currently waitin for a date for it. i'm a bit worried bout getting it fitted coz of all the stories i've heard about it, but it's really my last option as far as my consultant is concerned.

    i'm very confused about the different stages of endo. i know what they are but i've never been told what stage i'm at. my case seems to be baffling all consultats at hull women and childrens. i've been a complete cripple for the last 2yrs and they still dont seem to be all that concerned. i've been tons better on the prostap but symptoms have been returning for last few months. but coz i'm on the prostap, all of a sudden my pain's not endo. i'm just so confused about it all x

  • You will know much more when you have your lap there might be something else causing your symptoms and they will be able to tell you what stage endo you are when you have the op. Try not to worry about the coil it has worked for lots of ladies and it is worth a try, you will only know if you give it a go. I have my 3rd lap on Tuesday really nervous but also looking forward to having it taken out and knowing where it is! Ask your gynae about a product called Visanne made by bayer it is the new drug for endo. Its arriving in South Africa in September so I am looking forward to giving it a go. I am sure it is also on it's way to the UK.

  • Just realised spelt mirena wrong......typing in a hurry :)

  • In terms of heavy periods and blood loss, having my Mirena fitted was the best decision I ever made. It didn't help with the pain, but not having to deal with everything that flooding every single month for days involved was a HUGE weight off of my shoulders. It's coming up to five years now, and I won't hesitate to have it replaced.

    Lou, it sounds as if yours wasn't positioned correctly when it was put in; sometimes this just happens. Contact your GP, or the hospital where they put it in, and ask for a follow up appointment so that they can check that it didn't do any damage on the way out (just as a precaution, that's highly unlikely)

    Good luck xxx

  • Ive got an appointment for this afternoon at 4 so hopefully everything is okay and they can either put another one in or discuss other options.

  • I cannot speak from personal experience about Mirena, but we have just completed a big clinical trial comparing Mirena with other treatments, including the pill and mefanemic acid, in women who have heavy menstrual bleeding (not with endometriosis, although there were probably some women with undiagnosed endometriosis included in the study). I cannot tell you the comparative results yet, as they are not ready. We asked all the doctors involved to counsel women that yes, with Mirena, their periods might worse to begin with, either in terms of heaviness or being irratic, but keep with it for 6 months and things will likely settle down and periods might even stop. A third of women did have it removed by 2 years, so it doesn't suit everyone, but for those that kept it, the impact of the bleeding was reduced in many ways.

    We are planning a clinical trial to see if Mirena does prevent pain coming back after laparoscopic removal of endometriosis, because not enough is known about whether it works then.

    If you think your Mirena has been expelled, please go to your GP. It looks like a y-shaped red plastic rod, about 2cm long, with two wirey threads about 10cm long. As someone else said, you should have been invited back at 4-6 weeks to have a thread check.

    Hope this helps

  • Thankyou, it has been expelled I'm going back this afternoon. Hopefully I will be able to have another one put in. Since this is one of my last options.

    Cheers XX

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