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4 days post laparoscopy concerns

Hi all, I'm 4 days post laparoscopy (2nd lap) I had excision of endo and mirena inserted. My first lap 3 years ago I felt I bounced back pretty quickly (I think that wasn't excision) but this time not so much.

I feel a bit better everyday and gaining more movement however I go through periods of strong cramping and lower back pain/pelvic pain when emptying my bladder and I'm generally feeling bruised especially around my belly button But I am so tired, I have a shower and need a nap just to get over it! And I feel pretty spaced out and light headed when standing and I was just wondering is this normal/has anyone else experienced this?

I must also add I am constipated and only taking paracetamol at this moment in time. I'm sorry if this sounds silly but thought from healing so well after my last lap id be fine by now and I was worrying something is wrong. I am a tattooist and I have a week off work going back this Saturday coming but I have some concerns now about going back with the way I'm feeling especially the light headed feeling.

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Hi - you mentioned in a previous post that you thought you had endo removed from your bladder and bowel and as you have had excision I assume this was in a specialist endo centre. This sort of surgery is pretty invasive although the surgeon's skill will be very important in terms of preservation of normal tissue/nerves and adhesion prevention methods used. Also the method of excision can affect the extent of post operative pain - eg scissors or laser. But this is major surgery which ever way you look at it and 4 days is such early days - you will most likely need to give it a few weeks to assess how you are and several months before you might start to feel on the road to proper recovery. Everyone is different though and you just have to listen to your own body - it will give you the best indication of how you are healing.

You have to remember that even though you knew what your body was going to have done to it, your body didn't and this is an enormous trauma as far as it is concerned. Like having just has an accident that involved your insides being cut deeply in multiple places. You wouldn't expect to be up and running after 4 days. Be gentle with yourself and get signed off work for at least another couple of weeks to give you time to start the recovery process rather than having to direct your energies to stressing over work. This must be your time to devote to your well being. The light headedness may still be the anaesthetic wearing off but whatever the cause it is your body telling you it needs to rest.

Ask your doctor for some stronger pain killers to see you through this worst stage and something gentle to help with the constipation. Your bowel muscles will be in temporary spasm and will have to learn to function again but you need to avoid any sort of strong laxatives. I had lactulose but others might be able to advise on what helped to get things moving again.


Thank you for replying and your advice I really appreciate it, it's definitely put it into perspective for me - I just thought I was being a wimp! I was advised to finish my current pack of the combined pill even after the insertion of mirena so I'm a bit up and down emotionally.

I was also tachycardiac before anesthetic and waking up so I think that just added more stress to my body. I took a ducolax last night and luckily within the last hour it's helped to move things a long a little.

I'm self employed so I only get paid when I work so I only took roughly a week off so I'll have to see how I feel towards the end of the week if I still don't feel right I will take extra time.

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Just an update - I went to the doctors today as I went very dizzy, hot and my heart rate went high, she did a thorough check up and some bloods which came back normal so she thinks the dizziness is vertigo from tiredness, anesthetic etc maybe i expected too much out of my body too soon!


Yes I think you are expecting to much, you have had a big op, and you can't see what it's like inside, but you need to take time to heal, your organs have been pulled and pushed around and that's a trauma in itself,

Be kind to yourself, and take another week off work, I understand about the money side of things but if you don't you could harm yourself more and then need even longer off work,

Good luck and a speady recovery xx

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Thank you very much, yeah I spoke to my manager today and I'm going to have more time. It's driving me nuts not being able to do anything as I normally work 6 days a week so I'm not used to having time off not doing anything. But, just going to the doctors today has set me back with pain tonight I am suffering and swollen up again so I definitely need more time.


Well done. Did your gp give you anything stronger for the pain?


No she didn't I have plenty at home luckily :)


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