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4 days post laparoscopy


Hi everyone,

I’m 4 days post lap and still feeling awful. I’m so tired, weak & badly constipated :( plus I’m so emotional and feeling yuck with how bloated I am😢

Was diagnosed with stage 3 endo & had ablation on the areas.. luckily not on bowels or bladder. I’m not sure what to expect now, not had a full update on what they found/did etc yet, just a small chat post surgery with dr but I was still pretty out of it to be honest.

My bladder feels full all the time and I’m not peeing like usual, it’s like slow and not much yet I don’t have a urine infection. If anyone has any advice/info on anything I’ve mentioned please let me know it’d make me feel so much better just anxious about it all to be honest

Thanks x

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Hi Rebecca! I had my first laparoscope on Jan 28th and I’m still not well! It’s frustrating that I don’t feel like drs really prepare you for how hard it is.

I did end up getting a bladder infection which has made recovery that much harder and now I’m approaching my first period since and it’s exceuciating!

I’ve been spending tons of time with my heating pad. Taking pain meds consistently before there is time for them to wear off. Use miralax for constipation.. that actually helped me a lot with that. Listen to your body and get plenty of rest!! I felt silly going back in to my dr saying I wasn’t healing right but glad I did as he found the infection. So if you’re not feeling right don’t be afraid to speak up.

Hope you feel better soon!

Hi, I just had my first laparoscopy yesterday and I had the bladder thing last night! It’s better now but I think it’s just a case of the bladder being irritated from the CO2/being poked around and the muscles not really working properly again. I hope you feel better soon x

Hi, i had mine in november and ive only just fully recovered. I started feeling better ( as in normal ), a few weeks ago. It does take time, the drs just say you will need 2 weeks off they dont actually tell you it takes months to properly heal. You will get there, dont be afraid to ring your dr if you feel something is wrong though.

Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Hi - I’m 4/5 weeks post lap/ovary removal/endo excision etc etc. I really feel for you - I found the first week really really painful. Just rest, keep on top of your pain with regular medication and don’t worry too much. Take peppermint tea for the gas, move around the house a little regularly if you can (good for the gas and bowel movements), drink lots and lots of fluids to help with the constipation. Fybogel from the chemist can also help if it’s bad, but takes a couple of days to work.

My bladder is still a little ‘slow’, and I found it very hard to urinate the first couple of weeks. It’s gradually getting better (I hope! but I did have problems before, so we’ll see). If you can’t empty your bladder each time then you should check with your doc, as I guess it puts you at higher risk of an infection.

You should feel a little better with each day, but I wasn’t even walking to the end of the road until over a week after, so take it easy. I agree that the docs don’t prepare you for what a hit you’ll take, don’t feel like you ‘should’ be doing more. Hope your recovery goes well x

Hi everyone thanks for replying, today I feel even worse.. I’m so emotional can’t stop crying sort of wish I didn’t wake up from surgery. (Already had depression&anxiety anyway) hope everyone’s ok & wish you all a speedy recovery x

Its totally normal to be really emotional afterwards, its kind of like before you have a period and feel doom and gloom and cry at things which normally you could just deal with. My friend said she was an absolute mess after hers, hormones were all over the place. Just rubbish that drs dont make us aware of all the other stuff but you are totally normal, just try to do things that lift your spirits and have a good cry when you need to, dont feel bad about it x

Aw, bless you. Could be the after effects of the anaesthetic- I was blubbing the day afterwards, and the nurses said operations and the anaesthetic commonly had that effect on people. Take care of yourself x

Rebecca_jane in reply to lou002

I wasn’t prepared for the intensity of it all, feel like no one in my life cares about me or what I’ve been through either :( god I sound horrible but that’s how I feel x

I felt the same and had a meltdown, only felt better when my partner actually listened and understood where my head was at. Cuddles really helped x

I can sympathise with that! Endo is such an unheard of disease so people assume it’s just bad periods or something, and then because it’s keyhole surgery, people assume it’s minor (I know I did before I actually had to go through it!). My own mother hasn’t even asked how I am in the last two months. It can be so upsetting, but try not to dwell on it whilst you’re low anyway. Time for pyjamas, choc biscuits and some rubbish tv, and shut the outside world and it’s problems out for a few days x

Rebecca_jane in reply to lou002

That’s so spot on, my dad said to me 2 days after ‘so are you better now?’ Like... what do you even reply to that?! I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it because they think Its not a big deal and I should be better now. An I can sympathise with that too, I ended up in hospital again 2 days after couldn’t wee properly or open bowels (X-ray showed I was severely impacted).. that same day my dad went out and got drunk not even bothering to see how I was. I’ve done the pjs n tv for days I don’t know if it’s making it worse.. my friends can’t even be bothered coming to see me x

Sounds like you’ve had a horrible time. It’s only been 4 days, give your friends a chance (or tell them you’re up for visitors when they are free, they might be waiting for you to say you’re ok). If people don’t understand we just have to try to explain, and I should definitely take my own advice with that!

This thread has made me feel so much better, I have had the worst time and I'm on day 4. I hope your feeling much better now and there's hope at the end of the tunnel for me xx

Rebecca_jane in reply to Bgrant

I’m glad :) I’m nearly 3 weeks post now and I feel brilliant, you’ll get there it just takes time & we all heal differently. Wish you a speedy recovery xx

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