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Agony 1st AF post laparoscopy 😢


Hi, I had a diagnostic lap and hysteroscopy beginning of this month..mainly to look for reasons of my unexplained infertility. They did find some endo which they cleared and cysts on one of my tubes.. I was feeling back to normal post op but am on day 3 of my period which has been pretty painful and last night have been awake for hours in absolute agony - 10 out of 10 pain.. I took every pain killer I had - and it did nothing so I was crying in agony for hours until I finally fell asleep thanks to multiple diazepam! I honestly just wanted morphine or an anaesthetic- I do get quite bad period pains normally - but this was off the scale.. I’m just so scared that this is what they are going to be like from now on ☹️.. this is all so depressing! 10 years of fertility bullshit and multiple ivfs.. and I’m still childless and in more agony than ever! Is it normal to be this painful post lap? I’m praying it is a one off!..

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Hi Lu1u I have been in so much pain and been given morphine so I totally understand where you are coming from. If it was me I would be at the GP and if out of hours A&E. If it’s unusual pain then something must be going on. I had this once and by god I hope I never have it again, it’s like labour pain! Are you any better now? x

Thanks for your reply- yes I’m feeling a lot better now thanks.. And sorry for my rant! Yes I defo wanted morphine- I’ve got my follow up next week with the consultant so I am going to ask him lots! I feel for anyone who suffers from that pain- you are right- I honestly don’t know how labour pain could be any worse! I nearly fainted it was so bad and I’ve had a lot of pain in my life with various different ops and breaks etc- so I like to think I’m not a total wimp! Anyway- who knows.. I certainly hope you (or I) don’t have to experience that again! Wishing you well xx

That’s rest you are tons better. Write down your questions for your consultant so you don’t forget. It’s so easy to get into conversation about other things and when you leave you think darn, I should have asked this and that! We must have a high pain threshold with this condition so we are tota warriors having gone through that unbelievable pain where we are on our knees! x

I’m sorry to hear that you had such bad pain with your period.

I’d contact your consultant & ask for stronger pain relief.

I was lucky my surgeon issued me morphine after my surgery.

Hopefully your period was horrible because of the extensive surgery & it will calm down. Unfortunately it can be normal.

Hope you feel better soon xoxo

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Thanks Jess! I’m sorry you’ve had a difficult weekend too (Just read your last post) .. hopefully all of this will be worth it for us one day- (although some days are harder to be positive than others!) .. yes I’m definitely going to ask for some morphine to have - I am really scared of the pain getting that bad again- I’ve been taking over the counter things all day to try and keep it at bay- but wowzers I wanted to give myself a hysterectomy last night it was so bad! Anyway sending you my best! Hopefully this will be a better month ❤️ xxx

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Thank you.

I can well believe that so have I at times! 😬

I’ve just got home from work & have had to resort to morphine because no painkillers were working. I’m just camped on the sofa., still in pain😯who’d be a women?! 🤦🏽‍♀️

On the positive I took clomid this morning & started doing a temperature chart 👌🏻

I hope this month is better for us both 🤗 xoxo

How u feeling Jess? Hope you’re feeling a bit better and clomid is doing its job for you this month! Fingers crossed for you! (And me Lol!).. I’ve got my follow up on Tuesday and am defo going to ask for clomid! Have a good week xxx

Hey, the first couple of periods after a lap will be painfully since your organs are still healing.

My first one was painful to the point I was crying on the bathroom floor which was no different than before surgery. I’m due my second period soon so hoping for an improvement. xx

Thanks .. oh no- I was hoping it was a one off- but I’m being impatient! I’ll be away on a Work course when the next ones due so I’m already dreading it! - so horrid at this age having to worry about time of the month because of pain! 😡 I hope this month isn’t as painful for you! Xx

I’m okay thank you 👋

Good luck with your appointment today, I hope you get your hands on clomid 😏

2 years ago at intitaI told him my cycle abnormalities( this was before endo diagnosis) & my cycles were irregular ( truth was most were regular) but I was I was damned if I was coming out of his office with nothing! Thanks to clomid I got diagnosed with endo 😘 Recently in March I told my fertility doctor endo affected my periods too & mentioned no Lh Surge ( it was one month post miscarriage but didn’t mention that detail 😏) & he agreed it a good idea to start clomid again 😏

If like me you ovulate too soon in your cycle( ie day 8 for example), have some irregular cycles, or some months without an Lh Surge mention this to your fertility doctor ( I’ve had 3 where I haven’t) 🙂 Those should be good grounds to get clomid 😏

Endo is known to affect your hormones & push things out of whack so really he should give you clomid 😀

Let me know how you get on xoxo

Thanks Jess, follow up was pretty uneventful- he basically said it doesn’t change my situation and that the endo wasn’t significant as my tubes were clear and there wasn’t much inside the womb.. it was a definite no to clomid and dhea for me- he said it would be detrimental to me as my cycles are regular and it will cock up my oestrogen and whole hormonal balance and could them further compromise egg quality?! So much conflicting info out there!! He also dismissed any further blood tests to test my hormone levels as he said there is too much emphasis on them and they do fluctuate each month.. so it won’t help me and in a way it was nice to hear because otherwise I latch onto things and get obsessed/upset by them.. he said if nothing happens in next few months then it’s more ivf if I want to. I kind of knew this all anyway.. I’m actually feeling a bit flat- but at least I’ve tried everything I can - if it’s meant to be it’s meant to be! I think I’m surrendering to fate! .. (although it’s hard for me to relinquish control! 🤦🏼‍♀️..)

Anyway thanks for your message.. hopefully we will both get to the ultimate goal eventually!


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Oh I’m sorry but at least you have a plan going forward & some good positives to take. Its funny how doctors do things differently. It’s great endo hasn’t affected your tubes & womb. Hopefully with the endo removed will increase your chances & you can fall naturally. Obviously your fertility doctor thinks you’ve got a good shot otherwise he wouldn’t say to bother trying 😘 you can do this 💪🏻you’ve got this 😉 xoxo

Ahh- yes that’s a good way of looking at it- thanks Jess! the dr said just having the lap and hysteroscopy increases your chances naturally so maybe my luck will come in! Otherwise I think we will do another ivf in the new year! - I just watched a programme on a 46 year old who had her first baby after her 7th round of ivf!!! So I think the moral of the story is to just keep trying- (not that we can afford it!!). It just gets draining spending so many years focussed on this and putting other areas of life on hold.. so I just felt a bit flat after the appt today as I’m still in limbo! But anyway hopefully we will both get there in the end! Big hugs to you! And thanks for your support 😘 xxxx

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