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Laparoscopy frequency

Hi all,

I had a lap for diagnosis and excision of Endo in November 2016 and thankfully afterwards was symptom free!

However, I've started getting the same sort of pain again. Not that I'm planning on looking into it just yet but I wondered how soon it would before my GP might consider referring me agin for surgery and secondly if there's a 'cut of point' so to speak in regards to the number of laparoscopies they would recommend you have over your life time?

I'm asking out of curiosity as last time after I started feeling these stabbing pulling sharp type pains it escalated quite quickly of over the following months leading to the op last time.

Thanks in advance!

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I had my first lap in April 2015 and in March 2016 was listed for my second one (August 2016). So the gap between having the first and needing the second was quite short unfortunately. Mine was fully excised in my first lap but came back unfortunately. It's stage 4 xxx


Thanks x

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I had surgeries in january 16, november 16 and march 17, but it was a three step process as I had diagnostic, then exploratory, then the main surgery. I have been told there is a limit to how many surgeries it's safe to have, but I don't know if there's an exact number at which they stop. I suspect it depends on the patient and the surgeon, as some people seem to have had huge numbers of ops.

If you are getting pain already though I wonder if it might be worth going to your GP and getting a referral now, simply because waiting times are long and only getting longer :/ Did you have your surgery at a bsge centre?


I believe the local hospital is a BSG centre. To be fair it didn't actually take that last time, from speak to the GP to the actually op was about 3 months (would of been quicker but took me a week or two to decide if I wanted the surgery!) but I may bring it up with them sooner rather then later this time.

Thanks for your reply :)


Crikey, that is quick. My referral to op time with the bsge centre was ages - referred early may and didn't have the first surgery until mid nov. It was supposed to then be 12 weeks to the second but it was 18 weeks in the end.


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