Post op period, save me please

A week on since my first lap and Aunt Flo arrived (actually on time.) Pain for first day, not too bad, felt like a normal period really. Its now 4am (UK) and ughhh pray for me please. Pain is worse and the bleeding is heavier, luckily not flooding or feeling light headed though. Please be over soon.

Times like this make me wish I was a man.

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  • Hot water bottle, and pain relief Hunni I know it prop won't work though even if it can dull it a wee bit. Poor you nothing worse especially at this time when everyone else is probably asleep and your in agony. Hope it eases soon and of no call out of hours doctors for some string pain relief xxxx

  • Thanks, I have my hot water bottle and some normal strength painkillers to take the edge off a little, mostly to deal with the rectal pain. I'll try and get hold of something stronger though xxxxx

  • Hope your ok chic this is the reason I can't take a period because of the pain get a hot water bottle and strong painkillers try deep heat cream on ur tummy also xx

  • I've never thought of using deep heat on my stomach. I have some deep heat heat pads that stick to your stomach but they'll stick to my stitches I think xxx

  • I used to stick them on my pants so wouldn't stick to my stiches hope u feel better soon

  • The heat pads do not go directly on ur skin put it on the outside of ur pants x

  • Yeah - defo use heat pads - I get more relief if I stick them in my pants at the back though - if I put it on my tummy I feel really nauseous :( have you tried solpadene max ? I get them from over counter - they really take edge off for me :) hope you feel a little better soon xxxx

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