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Laparoscopy and endo excision after care???

Hi guys

My lap is in June but i still don't know about the after care and what to expect. He is going to use excision to get rid on the endo. Is the recovery time more with excision. My hubby is taking the first week off but what about after that, what things can i not do..

If any of you could shed some light it would be brilliant


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have you had your pre-op yet? they 'should' give out after care leaflets when you have that, if not you should get after care sheets on discharge, again i say should lol.

i'm not sure if its longer time with excision, are you having this op done on the nhs? just curious as at my last lap they removed none as said too much but i am going to ask if i can have it excised at next op, which could be a hysterectomy but i'm still deciding on that one.



It varies from person to person; depending on location and amount, and how much pain you were in before the op; after all pain is often relative. The minimum time I have heard anyone have for a treatment lap is two weeks, and I think most consultants will sign you off for two weeks automatically. Some people, even with complication free laps, need up to 8 weeks off. Often just as you are feeling better you get a period that throws a massive spanner in the works!

I found I was able to get about and make myself a sandwich and a cuppa after the first few days, but just made sure that things I needed were all at worktop level and I filled the kettle with a plastic jug, rather than having to carry the kettle (oh and only 1 pint bottles of milk, not the killer 6 pinters!!!). It's important for recovery to get moving and keep active. I don't mean going to the gym or running or anything, just going up and downstairs and moving about rather than sitting in the same place all day. I started having little walks every day, but started off just going down the garden.

I have to say I didn't drive for 3 weeks, and it was a long while before I could handle anything like jeans pressed against my belly button. I had about 4 weeks off work, maybe a bit more, and then went back part time for a while (I have a long journey to work).

I hope that's helps! Good luck! X


Hi guys

thanks for the prompt replies. Worth71 I am having my lap and excision on the NHS they do say excision gets rid of the endo from the root so hopefully.....Cloudyrain right now i'm in pain all the time with painkiller the pain is dulled that's only in the two weeks after my periods the week before and whilst im on it makes me cry....the only thing is i live with my in laws they are lovely but elderly i just feel that i'm gonna be a burden.

When they did my TV scan she said my ovaries seemed to be stuck and have cysts so i dont know...

I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old (who is a very active gorgeous little boy) my hubby said he'll take 2 weeks off which was a relief...I hope i am able to do normal chores after two weeks.

My pre op is on the 28th may so if you think of any questions i can ask....also because i have constant pain on my right side at the entrance of my vagina i'm thinking it might be deep infiltrated endo..or thickening will the lap pick that up?

When I had a c section i was ok to move around in 3 or 4 days and able to climb up and down stairs in 2 weeks but then I had Symphsis pubic dysfunction aswell....

I know im over thinking it but i hate asking people for things

sorry bout the rant


Hi I would say the pain is nowhere near as bad as with a caesarean as excision is done 'through the keyhole'. I felt incapacitated after my caesarean but with keyhole you can get up and move around reasonably ok.

I had total radical excision (excision of the whole of the top layer of my peritonium) as opposed to patches being excised. I would say that took me between 6 to 8 weeks.

I agree with what is said above that it can vary from time to time and person to person and surgeon. For instance, with a different surgeon I had just an investigatory lap and I was off for 5 weeks with that and yet an investigatory lap with my latter surgeon I was better within 2 weeks. I did not find excision too much different from the investigatory lap, maybe a tadd more sore. They will look after you and make sure you have any pain meds that you need.

All best wishes for your op and you will not regret going for excision rather than laser or drugs as it does remove it from the deeper layer and has a better outcome.



I've had conventional excision 3 times and laser twice and can say the recovery was really no different. It just depends how much work they do inside. It does last much longer having excision than laser and I highly recommend it :)


thanks guys...i really love being on here i know i can always count on you lot for understanding me and advising me....:-)


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