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Post laparoscopy healing

Hi all, I had my second lap yesterday excision of endo and mirena fitted. My consultant spoke to me and told me all endo had been removed and it was successful but I will be tender so I think he really got in there.

Its definitely been a lot more painful than my first lap 3 years a go so I've been taking it easy tbh when I'm lying it settles but when I walk it's sore but suddenly its gotten more painful even when lying down which has started worrying me a bit, I had a small walk to help with the gas and I'm just wondering if it's aggravated it has anyone else experienced this? It also kinda feels like I need to fart (tmi sorry) but nothing is coming out.

I've also had warm rosy cheeks all day but i don't feel unwell or have a temperature.

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It may be best to contact the hospital if you are concerned about your recovery. Can you pinpoint where the pain is coming from? Could it be the Mirena settling? X


It's all pelvic where they removed endo feels like intense period cramps occasional sharp pain but yes it could be the mirena settling in as I've stopped bleeding now. I suppose it'll feel worse before it gets better! It feels like it's settled down a bit now I've eaten and burped a couple of times.


Hi it probably feels worse as the anesthetic is coming out of your system.

Try peppermint tea for the gas pains.

If things don't improve by morning give GP or ward a call for advise.


Try peppermint tea for gas (I have mine with fresh slices of ginger and no sugar, as it helps with inflammation). Also, do you know if you had 3ndo on your bowel, very close to the rectum? I'm sorry if I'm getting in too much detail, but I have endo there and have the same problem with feeling gassy and feeling like I need the bathroom, but nothing comes out.

With regards to the pain, as the ladies said in the previous replies, do see your gp, but hopefully it's just the anesthesia wearing off so check to see if you can take more/different painkillers


Your pain, perhaps that is mirena coil? I never had one but from reading other ladies posts it is never comfortable, to put it mildly


Sometimes the pain can get worse a few days after surgery as the anaesthetic and analgesia given during the op totally wears off - when in recovery they usually give you morphine which is so much stronger than anything you'll be taking today. Give the pain and bloating time. You may have good days and bad, it can take 4-8wks to recover or longer with major surgery. You're only on day two so don't panic, take it easy, feel better soon xx


Hi wishing you a speedy recovery youve done well to be out so soon after excision surgery ill be staying in for mine this week, maybe as its my first excision. Got the dreaded bowl prep tomorrow!!! X


Thank you all for the advice and support I really appreciate it, I'm feeling a bit better everyday but going through periods of strong cramping but my belly button and left pelvic scar are a lot bigger than last time so I think I'm quite bruised! The only thing really bothering me is I feel incredibly exhausted and light headed, like I'm drunk? I'm only on paracetamol now as I'm constipated from the codeine.

I'm not 100% sure we're the endo was but I have a feeling it was on my bladder and possibly bowel the pain all feels contained to my pelvic region/tail bone I can feel it when I wee and I relax the muscles.


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