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Post-lap bleeding

Hi everyone.

Just a quick question! I had my lap 6 days ago and recovering well. The main thing that I'm not sure is normal is that I'm having severe cramps - exactly the same as having my period before the lap. My doctor told me that bleeding was completely normal afterwards which is fine but I didn't expect it to be like a normal period with pains and all?! I'm still on the pill which had stopped my periods before the lap so shouldn't be having a proper period now should I?

Sorry if that's a silly question I just wasn't quite expecting to be faced with the same old pains straight after surgery!

On a side note, the cramps get excruciating after eating chocolate which I'm so upset about- the only thing getting me through recovery and I can't eat it!! Oh well I will start my attempt at the 'endo diet' now then!


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Your stomach will be extra sensitive at the moment.

Cramping is normal,can be from gas pains and anes will cause your stomach to be upset.

Youll have to give the chocolate a miss for a week.

The pill will give you some breakthrough with the trauma your body has been through.

The cramps are normal you will start to feel better from week 2 and each week will feel better.

Hope you recover well.

Kind regards

Rose xx


Thank you Rose,

As long as it's normal I will put up with it! x


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