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Ovulation Pain & Bleeding?


I need more advice... My lap was in December & I had a coil fitted, which does seem to be doing the trick, although I appear to be having issues around Ovulation time - started having a lot of the usual pelvic & abdominal pain this afternoon, been to the loo and found that I'm in fact bleeding (not badly, but enough..!)!

Done a bit of research & found that bleeding during ovulation is apparently nothing to worry about, but is pain the same - should I be bothered about it at all, or just something I need to get used to?!

Had Paracetamol & Ibuprofen which hasn't helped at all yet :-( wish these cramps & pains would just go for good!!! :'(


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I had a period every month with same coil. And the pains were very bad too. Managed 11month and couldnt take anymore. Now its gone feel better. After removal i had 2weeks very heavy bleeding a huge clots size of my palm. Bt 2 moths on i just have normal endo pains and not extra due to coil

LauraB_04 in reply to Kerri215

Can't win can we...?! :-(

Do you take anything to help control it now? I had the pill once & I really didn't like it..!

Kerri215 in reply to LauraB_04

No as nothing seems to help. Had cocodamol and tramadol and they didnt do a thing. Im due my 3rd laposcopy soon so will see how that goes

LauraB_04 in reply to Kerri215

Aww I hope you get some help then x

My December op was my 3rd too!! Just hope it's the last & it settles down... Guess I should give the coil more time yet :-s

I had my third in November and the coil. but pain not entirely gone still pain after sex and in the mornings and bedtime 😢

I have the same problem:-( had a lap in August & coil fitted, endo was left & was told the coil would help. Then in Jan th pain started again, bleeding/spotting & pain.

I had an ultrasound today which shows the left ovary is larger then the right, nurse said it could to do with ovulation. Have the consultant next week.

Really intresti g reading your posts.

Hope you feel better soon xx


I also have some symptoms around ovulation time. I don't recall that j use to, but certainly noticeable in the last few years. Have been told it may simply be due to the surge in hormones around that time can start to aggravate the endo before the actual period. I have endo in my umbilicus as well as other places, so around ovulation my belly button bleeds and continues until the end of my actual period. I also get pelvic and leg pain at ovulation, which differs to the pains I get at actual period. all very odd! Hope you find some relief

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