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Bleeding after lap?

I had a lap on March 2nd and was talked into getting a Mirena coil fitted as it would be "best to help you long term". I was worried about inconsistent bleeding but was told it would be no problem. I feel I was really co-erced into it when i was extremely worried pre-op.

My lap went really well, into ward at 12 and out by 4. No endo was found but adhesions were removed which had attached to my bowel and had pulled it out of line.

Recovery seemed to go OK, pain was manageable with ibuprofen/paracetomol. I had spotting and then I got my period. This finished but I am still having spotting which seems to be worse when I do things e.g. going for a short walk or round the supermarket. It's not too heavy but I am changing panty liners three or four times a day if I dare to try and do anything. Is this to do with the lap or the Mirena? If it is the Mirena then the darn thing is coming out!

Any ideas ladies?

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I don't know about the mirena, but it's less than 2 weeks since your lap and since it was fitted. It can take several weeks for your insides to start healing properly, and 3-6 month for treatments to settle down, e.g. mirena or pill.

I think you need to give it a bit of time honey. Hope it stops soon x


I cannot deal with this level of spotting for months if it is the Mirena; I don't have a job that allows me to change pads/liners at my own convenience. I have this week off work as my GP signed me off so it looks like I will be making an appointment to have it removed.


I have recently had a coil fitted during a lap - I was told by several doctors and the consultant that i must try and give the coil 3 months to settle and that spotting is usually the worst side effect in the beginning. After that many people are extremely happy with it as their periods are lighter and less painful, plus it keeps the endo at bay! worth 3 months sticking it out I think. if after the 3 months it is still causing problems I would get it taken out, but not before. Try and give it a chance to settle because that really is the normal side effect of it. What job do you do that you cant use the bathroom when you need to? what do you do when you have a normal period? Could you explain to a female colleague what you need to do? Hope it gets better for you soon x


I'm a teacher so my bathroom breaks are when I am not teaching so not always convenient. My periods are fine as I use tampons and just change them at lunch, very light periods so could realistically go all day without changing. I only went out for a short while yesterday and leaked on the way home so I am worried about this happening at work as I am on my feet all day.

I have rung the number the hospital gave me and they said the spotting could be lap or Mirena related and could go on for another couple of weeks and not to worry! Easy for them to say!


Quite a few of us work in schools too mindstorm. I had 25 years of very heavy periods before i got the mirena. My floods lasted 12-15 days every month for years and years, and yes I had accidents a plenty. Black trousers and long jumpers or cardies can cover up such accidents till you can get cleaned up in breaks.

The mirena has been utterly life changing for me. It does take a while to settle and work but when it does WOW, it's been a fantastic miracle of a gadget in my case.

I can do so much more with the kids now I don't have to worry about being on and flooding.

As for post op bleed, 2-3 weeks is not unusual depending on what you had done. You can ask the GP for transexamic acid which you can only take 3-4 days max it can stop bleeds by promoting clotting.

But if I were you, I'd plough on just a while longer and don't expect an immediate miracle, the mirena takes time to build up the goop around it that helps it to stop your periods and that can vary 3-6 months more of having periods.

You should be able to start using tampons soon too, but not just yet.

Speaking of school, must dash. Kids await.


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