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Hi all

I had my lap on 14th April, removed endo from my ovarian fossa, mentioned something about gun powder lesions and had a little look inside my bladder.  They were happy enough that they had removed everything they needed to.

I have been bleeding, very heavy for first few days which I expected and then just spotting for a couple of days.  Since Friday though I have been bleeding very heavily and the pains in my stomach are really bad.  I haven't taken the pill again since the lap and I need to speak to my doctor about starting it again. 

The thing is, I'm really teary today and I'm worried that the pains are in my tummy and that maybe the lap hasn't worked, I've just got so much going around in my head about it all and I'm stressing myself out. 

Did anyone else feel like this after their lap? Am I just freaking myself out? When should I start taking my pill again after the lap? I just want to be better and I'm hoping I will be when I'm fully healed, just worried about the cramps and pains. 

Thanks for reading my moan xx

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  • I think it is maybe good idea to make appointment with your gp even to go and see them or have a phone conversation.

     I think your emotions are quite high, because you just had recently surgery and it can be all very overwhelming. You are not moaning, it is very normal to feel like this. Your body is healing and this can be painful, you cant see inside what is going on, but when something is removed this can take awhile to stop to be painful. It is only 10 days since you had your op.

    How are things further? Are you able to get up, move around and have you been outside yet with someone? Gentle exercise can help with pain and focus yourself on other things.

    Sending hugs

  • Thanks for your kind words, I phoned this morning and got an appointment with my GP tomorrow, hopefully put my mind at ease. Moving around is getting a lot easier, still slow and very sore but I was told to try and get up and move about as much as I could. My husband took me out in the car yesterday for a bit just to get me out of the house as I hadn't been out for over a week.  The pains are still bad today but got my hot water bottle and painkillers.

    Thanks xx 

  • It is good you made an appointment. It is always good to check. 

    Dont force your body to do to much, take it steady and easy. You still had surgery. 

    Good luck for today!! 

  • Doctor suggested not going back on the pill for another 4 weeks as the risk of blood clots is higher, not that I don't trust her but I am going to ring the gynae ward I was on for second opinion.  I have a infection in my belly button that I suspected :( antibiotics and cream to try and get it cleared up. xx

  • That is good to hear!! I am pleased that you got some antibiotics to clear the infection. 

    Hope you can get some more advice from gynacologist, but i think what gp said sounds ok. But it is always good to have more information. 

    Hope things will go alright!! 

    Good luck. Xx

  • Hi Angie, 

    I had my lap 2 months ago and in the first few days I was still having the same pains as pre op, just wanted to say that I felt exactly the same as you and I was terrified the op hadn't worked. I only told my friend as I didn't want to worry my mum and partner because they had kept saying basically the op will definitely fix everything and you will be fine. Long story short everything calmed down and after about 3-4 weeks recovery I've been pain free. if you've not been taking the pill it will be a break through bleed and resuming the pill will help put you back to normal. Definitely go see your GP, if only for some peace of mind. Try take it easy on yourself and give your body a good chance to heal. I didn't realise how exhausted I would feel and that brings you down emotionally and mentally too. 

    Sending big hugs! Xx

  • Thanks Jenny! No one tells you how tough it's gonna be. The pains are still bad today, I got an appointment with my GP tomorrow so will ask about the pill etc while there! I was never told to start taking it again but don't want the endo to come back.  I think the last few days I've been more exhausted than when I first came home from hospital! I'm glad you are pain free now, will be nice to feel that way, gives me hope. 

    Thanks xx 

  • You now need to stop your periods until (if you do) decide to conceive. Either by using an injection prostap or taking a pill back to back. This is important, you want to slow the endo down as much as you can. Visanne is progesterone only, yasmin was good but caused me headaches after a few years. Try and go for longer than tricycling if you can. 

    The bleeding will settle. Rest, eat well, try and keep you mind occupied. There are some good yoga videos on tube that can help with pain (some of them are very gentle) as soon as you are healed. 

    Some sources suggest cutting down on caffeine, sugars, gluten and alcohol. Cutting back on dairy and non-organic meats, reducing meat intake. (However I find this very hard, especially sugar). Keeping weight down is also supposed to help. 

    See a proper gynae (an endo specialist) if you haven't already, but cross reference what they say with this website. Drs are still working on this one!

    Good luck.


  • Be kind to yourself, its a huge op and hard to cope with x

  • Thanks for your advice, I got an appointment with my GP tomorrow so will talk to her about the pill etc she is a very good GP and really cares! I seen a specialisst for my lap, there is only one endo specialist centre in NI and we travelled to it for my treatment! I will go back to see her in about 4 weeks time now but didn't want to be off the pill that long with the heavy bleeding and possible endo coming back! I will have to look into the endo diet, I do try to manage my weight although it is difficult when you can't exercise as much as you'd like. 

    Thanks xx

  • You need a referral to a specialist, even when GPs are good they don't know how to manage this. Good luck with it.

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