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Post lap

Hi Ladies,

So I had my laparoscopy last week in which they diognosed endometriosis and removed a rectal vignial nodule.. I don't know any more about what they did as consultant was very vague.. And what she said does not match discharge note! Anyhow that's not the reason for messaging..

I'm hoping someone can tell me if what I am experiencing is normal post lap!

The first couple days after lap I get pretty good no real gas pains and could control pain with normal pain killers. I was given some antibiotics to take for problem found in bladder mad they have made me feel rubbish and on one a night for at least 3 months.

Anyway last couple days pain has been getting Worse and I can't control it I had a C distended yesterday and was lifting children and stuff and I am worried I have done damage as now I am doubled up in pain in my pelvis and the gas pains (wel think that's what they are) have hit my chest/ribs and shoulders... Is this normal or do I need to get anything checked? I have not heard of pains getting worse and gas pains not kicking In till a week post op! I am seeing my GP Friday anyway about returning to work so don't know if I should just hold out till then or try see her before then.. Hope someone can help me

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Hi Hun if youre at all worried I would give GP a call and get checked out. Better to be safe than sorry. Keep us updated.


Thank you x I'm currently doubled over in pain in bed :( also have had really bad upset tummy since early hours of this morning


I think I would ring GP in morning, but if it gets to bad go to A& E,

I could be an infection, or you could have torn something inside,

Hope the pain wears off through the night , xxxx


Hi after my first lap I had extreme pain in my shoulder an belly this is the excess gas trying to escape, by day 2 it had gone an I was just in pain with the keyholes obviously u've been pulled about by metal tools so your gona be hurting but pain goes after 2 weeks, what you could be feeling is fresh adhesions /scar tissue inside your belly which give horrid pulling an burning sensations even ripping pain, this is something that happens often with us ladies an apart from another lap down the line there's nothing that can be done it's a vicious circle, I hope with time it settles down for you x


Hi hunni go to your GP, I wouldn't wait just go xx


Thanks everyone... Been to GP she thinks it's just everything settling down after being moved around and poked... Potentially my appendix has been knocked and is settling back down! My concern is that it's actually endo pain as its very similar to pain I used to have around ovulation (which I should be ovulating this week) but it's worse than I before!


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