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First Laproscopy and stent placement

Has been diagnosed with endo effecting ureter, ovary and some other places recently. The endo specialist booked me in for a diagnostic Laproscopy and a stent placement for 3 months! He plan to do the big op in 3 months time after hormone treatment.

Never had surgery or pain before. I am a bit worried about the whole situation. Only found this condition out on a chance finding.

Advice / reassurance needed. First one is scheduled for mid June. Many thanks in advance.

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He must be shrinking the deposits in the hope he can get it all.

Its not going to be easy those drugs that do that,so just prepare yourself for that.

But it must be done and will give you the best chance at getting rid of this.

Im not going to say much more than that,lets just tackle this in stages and get you through that and up to the surgery.

Thats the best way to look at this.

Please let us know exactly where the endo is and what he proposes for the surgery,so we can all make accurate comments to help you better.

There are a lot of very knowledgable ladies on here and this is where i started only a few short months ago,and it gave great comfort.

Let us know the details.

You have found it,that is the main thing and now just focus on managing it.

Kind regards



May we know how old you are and any lovely babies as yet?


Thank you very much. Will have a look again the MRI report. It is two pages long. Just a bit shocked as not experienced much problems before hand. Try to enjoy the last two weeks of pain free life. However, not operating is not an option as will lose my left kidney.



You are doing the right thing then.

Mine was a shock too mate went in for something else and found endo in pouch of douglas,behind uterus,on bladder and bowel.

Thank god it was not through any of those organs and they could excise it off.i am thankful it was found.

Ive gone through so many emotions in the last 3 months im exhausted from worrying about if it will come back.

Im coming to terms with it and you will go through many different emotions as well.

We will all be here for you



Thank you Rose. Glad to hear from someone who was in similar situations. Not looking forward to have stent put in. At least I am staying over night so they can make sure I am coping with it.


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