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Recent Laproscopy & bleeding

Hi Everyone, Id been suffering with undiagnosed pain for the past 4 years and finally had a Laproscopy on Wednesday. I was quite out if it when I spoke to the Doctor but they did find some endo which was removed but also white fibres matting my colon, womb and bladder together which is apparently rare but a sign of a past infection? They removed it all but I have no idea what this could have been. Wondered if anyone else had discovered the same?

I was kept in hospital for 3 days following the procedure, due to minor complications following it. Im home now. Ive just started bleeding but I am also due on and Im not sure what is really normal post laproscopy so any help or advice would be greatly received. Ive been in the dark for so long and in some ways its been so nice to finally get some answers but I still have so many questions.

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Shame how you feeling pain wise? Does it feel like normal period would although you not due on? Is it heavy or light? If you at all concerned call ward for some advice as you hav only just been discharged they would be happy to help or at least the ward I was in were so helpful and on my discharge notes all ward numbers were on it. Have they sent he white fibres for examination? You will have loads of questions and you will be in shock and weepy to I was when I came home. If I can help in anyway I will try take care xxxx


Hi Deb, thanks so much for your message. I know what you mean Ive been such an emotional mess! In terms of periods Im usually really heavy but the flow is less than usual. Ive got the usual period cramp/abdominal feelings though so I think it probably is that. I did ring 111 NHS yesterday and spoke to a doctor from my out of hours surgery but she literally gave me 3 minutes of her time and told me you wouldnt bleed after a laparoscopy because its outside of the womb not in but thats not what they said in hospital. I think Ill monitor it and see how I get on & then try and ring the ward if it doesnt feel right. Sure I could have asked lots of things before leaving I was just so happy to be going home and a bit overwhelmed by everything. The doctor said fibres like that can be caused by things like chlamydia but Ive always been really careful & had regular tests - none of which came back positive so its a bit of mystery to me! They said they would see me in 6 weeks but when i left the ward said 12 weeks. At least its a step in the right direction - Im hoping to feel like more of a normal person again.

I really appreciate your message & support. I hope you are doing alright too! Xxx


I had excision surgery 3 weeks ago. My period was roughly on time and nearly as painful as usual but that's expected. Your body is still swollen & things will be moving back into place. My adhesions looked like white fibres on my operation photos, since they've been removed I've noticed a slight difference with pain. It's a relief to know the cause of pain but you're right, there's always more questions!


Ahh this is good to know in terms of Periods, I wasnt really sure what to expect. I know what you mean - the thought of not knowing what this pain was or having to live with it for the rest of my life without a diagnosis was too much. I am glad to know the cause & hope that I can move forward in a positive way now.

How are you feeling now?


Hi, I had surgery 4 weeks ago to remove a 9cm endometrioma, apparently it was stuck to my bowel as it had ruptured and he had to separate it before he could remove. I also lost my left ovary and Fallopian tube. I was in hospital for 4 days and started bleeding (quite heavy) the day after surgery. They could not decide if I was bleeding due to the op or if it was my period...? It lasted for about 5 days. I'm now home and exactly 4 weeks on I have my period, so I'm guessing that's what it was, it's scary tho when the professionals say they don't know why your bleeding! I thought I was bleeding due to surgery.... I was just a bit shocked that my poor body had been thro all that and still managed to have a period! I would get it checked out tho if I were you.

I'm going to book a doctors appointment for a check up because I had a letter from my gynae yesterday, saying he removed the chocolate cyst, no cancer was found and he wishes me all the best for the future! What ever happened to follow up appointments to discuss what happens next? And check we're healing ok? I have so many questions......thank god for sites like these. I'm not liking what I'm reading about this horrible endo ๐Ÿ˜• I also have the uti pains again this week which I had everyday before the cyst was removed (cystitis) so now I'm worried it's coming back....he said he got it all out and my right ovary looked healthy but it's scary reading how fast this disease can return ๐Ÿ˜ณ


You may still get a follow-up .. I left hospital without one, never even seen my surgeon just a member of his team at discharge and he didnt know .. I recieved a letter a few weeks later and 3 months on im still under his care .. Due my second appointment next month! It is weird how youre not given a follow-up but i hear its not abnormal but dont give up, you may get one. My endo or adhesions are back! Or something is anyway .. it is scary when surgery turns out pointless!


Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry to hear you feel that something is back....when was your surgery? I hope your apppintment goes ok next month, it's nice to hear you are still being looked after.

I'm more upset than anything as I would like to have had the chance to speak to my surgeon and ask him a few questions. I would like some guidance with wether or not I should consider going on the pill as I've read this can help. Also I suffered what I think is a burn to the right side of my bum (think it was done by laser during surgery) it came out as a black line to start with then came thro the skin into a scab, it's been incredibly painful and still is, wasn't able to sit down properly for 3 weeks because of it, I was going to ask about that too. I just feel that I've been pushed quickly thro the system and left to get on with it ๐Ÿ˜• I doubt I'll be getting a follow up from the sounds of the letter. Surely any women who suffer with endo should be kept an eye on regularly? I understand it's all to do with cutting costs and I know the NHS is struggling but it just leaves me wondering what to do now for the best....


I had my surgery 1st of december .. If you can tolerate the pill then thats your best option. My gynea put me on 3 months 1 break, combination .. I tried progesterone and it didnt agree with me. The combine hadnt helped either tbh. I was a complex case, but still, i believe you should have at least one follow up! Definitely speak to your gp, although not specialist they maybe able to help with your questions/worries/future treatment and give you advice too!


Oh Melmanda that sounds traumatic! :( Im so sorry. Ive got my fingers crossed for you that it hasnt returned so quickly & hope you get reassurance from the doc that its all ok. If they just gave us 10 minutes of their time it would make such a difference. I guess there is so much even they dont know about endo so it is sort of like blind leading the blind sadly.

I didnt really bleed when I was in hospital - I had a bit of spotting after the op but it was only really yesterday I started to bleed. Ive got a health tracker & it tracks my cycle too - it said that I should have come on yesterday but like you Im amazed at what the body has been through and what it can still do. Im going to keep an eye on it & if I bleed a lot or it continues I will get in touch with the ward. I did speak to NHS 111 & the out of hours surgery near me yesterday and they werent the most helpful but they did say its probably just my period.


Thank you for your reply. That's the thing, to us it is traumatic but I guess they deal with this day in, day out and we're just another case ๐Ÿ˜•

You are so right, just a 10 minute appointment would make me feel so much better, but it's obviously time consuming for them and i know the NHS is in trouble but receiving that letter yesterday made me feel really unimportant and like I didn't matter anymore cos I'd been done.... I will speak to my gp but it's not the same as he didn't do my op so probably won't even know what's best for me ๐Ÿ˜• It's not fair I've had bits of me removed and I can't speak to anyone about it, no wonder people feel alone and come on here for advice! It's the emotional side of things too.....

Keep monitoring your bleeding and if you are worried I would ring the ward. Hope you will be ok, will keep my fingers crossed for you too.


Thanks Melmanda.

Bleeding has stopped now so I think it was just my cycle.

Its shocking isnt it, lack of emotional support. Whilst I was on the waiting list for the laparoscopy I actually went to the sexual walk in clinic just to consider a different angle. I was referred to see the psych sexual doctor and Ive got to say both of these ladies gave me an hour of their time and were the most understanding & sympathetic. The psych sexual lady said that the time it takes to get a diagnosis can complicate symptoms - I know that its given me anxieties which may not be there had I had a diagnosis earlier and is probably not uncommon with lots of us. Ive got another appointment with her in May which will hopefully help me to manage these. Wonder whether its an avenue which might be helpful for you too? Id never considered them before but I guess their specialism is relative and those 2 appointments made such a difference to me to feel like I was being listened to and taken seriously.


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